Tips For Building a Business Website

Tips For Building a Business Website

Building a business website can be daunting, especially if you have little or no knowledge about web design. Nonetheless, having a website that accurately and elegantly represents you on the web is extremely important. Your website is an important face to your brand, and consumers will often base their opinions on your business from Building your website. This includes, but is not limited to how well responsive your business website is on mobile devices, if it loads blazing fast and if it’s easy to navigate. These are just a few factors to consider and it is often helpful to have web designers Denver to guide you through all the elements, as it can quickly become overwhelming.

Here are some website tips you should consider when building a business website.

Content Writing For Business Website

The old phrase ‘content is king’ still remains true to this day. This may sound obvious, but let us explain why having content is so important:

First, when visitors come to your business website, they need to know who you are and what you do. Clear, and easy to read text and images are extremely important to convey this message. It’s worth spending time on the copy that users will see when first hitting your website. If you need some SEO copywriting best practices, see some of our other articles about how to write plenty and great website content.

Second, having media such as infographics or videos, helps visitors learn more about your business in a visual way, instead of reading plain text. This is a great opportunity to show your creativity, and the passion you have for your product or service.

Lastly, getting a professional photographer to create imagery that captures your brand can add even more unique content that can be added across the website.

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Define clear goals

Every business website has a different purpose and goal. Why are you building a business website? Do you need to drum up more business, and have regular leads coming in? Are you trying to simply have a website so that your current customers can use it to access data? Do you just need a portfolio to show images? These kinds of questions can greatly inform your web designer, and ultimately the flow of your website. It’s really easy to go to either end of the spectrum, either going with upscale web design or going as cheaply as possible.

Make easy to find, calls to action:

When a user is on your business website, you want them to be able to interact easily. This could mean many things: filling out a contact form, getting a free download, or scheduling a service. This is one of the fundamentals of how to make a good website and should be taken very seriously. If you are able to get a user to interact with your website, you are much more likely to get them to convert into a being customer.

Make your purpose easy to understand

When a user comes to your business website it needs to be extremely clear what you do within seconds of landing on the home page, and without scrolling. Some of the ways this can be done are with text, images, and accreditation badges. Landing on a home page that is difficult to understand is a huge turn off, and will likely cause visitors to bounce (leave the website). Make what you do easy to understand, period.

Show customers what you’re going to offer them

Why should a customer hire you over the competition? This is a question you should be continually asking yourself. When a potential customer comes to your site, a great way to get them to interact is to offer them something. If you’re service-based, offer them a free consultation or give them their first appointment free/discounted. If you sell products, give them some sort of free download in exchange for their email address (which can later be used for an email marketing campaign). This type of offering will help consumers get introduced to your brand, and business, putting them just one step further into your sales funnel.

Develop a site map

Your site map is the bones of your business website, so it should be carefully considered before you start building. This site map will include which main pages will be showing in the navigation bar up top, also called ‘parent pages’, and pages that may be nested underneath also called ‘child pages’. Once you’ve developed a goal for your business website, think about these parent and child pages, and how a user may want to see the information you’re offering. Consider making something such as your call to action a parent item, and if you offer many services or products, add those as child pages.

Purchase a domain name

Your domain name is what the URL will read when visitors are on your
business website. While some services offer free domain names by adding their extensions before it, such as, this doesn’t look professional. Do research on what domain names are available, and ask a Denver web design expert to help you, if you’re having trouble. Domain names should generally be short, easy to remember, and have an appropriate TLD such as .com or .org.

Pick a reputable host

A web host is a server that your website will live on. What is a website server, you ask? Think about a server as the plot of land that your website lives on. Without this plot, how could you build a site? A server is essentially a computer that is online 24/7/365 and is accessible to the public.

It is very important to research your hosting company to make sure that they have a high guaranteed uptime, top-level web security, and customer service that is easy to reach, in the event of a problem.

Now you will need to find a web designer who can build quality websites. And while building a business website, you will need to keep something in your mind like:

  • You need to find a suitable template that matches your business.
  • You can build a customized template as well. 
  • You need to decide which CMS are you going to select for building a business website.

And some more other issues related to on-page SEO that are also important for Google ranking.

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