Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in London

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in London

An accurate and continuous connection with your customers is essential for any business to grow. It can help you properly engage with your customers by sending push notifications, offers, and updates. Aside from boosting sales and cultivating customer loyalty, it can be a great way to reach a worldwide audience and stay ahead of the competition.

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But, developing mobile applications is a complex process that can become easy with the help of a cross-platform mobile app development company. If you are looking to hire mobile app developers in the UK, we have shared a list in this blog. Our inventory is based on in-depth research after reviewing reviews, services, ratings, and other factors.

1. SparxIT

It is a top-rated mobile app development company with offices in the UK, USA, UAE, and India. The company has expertise in various tech stacks for developing mobile applications, including iOS, Android, Flutter, React Native, and Progressive web apps. Apart from providing web and mobile app development services, the organization offers many other services like app development, software testing, data intelligence, blockchain, and artificial intelligence.

Besides, the company also offers services like Web 3.0, virtual reality, machine learning, DevOps, product and CMS development, and many more. 

The industries that SparxIT serves include SaaS, travel, entertainment, logistics, healthcare, Fintech,   edtech, eCommerce, and entertainment.

The significant clients it has worked with include Aliment, HP, Buzzwork, Wynora, BluHop, D-Link, BUPA, Hisense, Cairn, etc. It has gained 4.8 ratings on Clutch and has more than 250 employees. The company was founded in 2007  and can serve 14 different time zones.

2. Glance

Founded in 2016, the IT solution provider has earned 4.7 ratings on the Clutch and has almost 50 highly talented user experience professionals, designers, and developers. The company provides high-quality services in various regions of the UK, like Bristol, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield, London, Manchester, Newcastle, and many more.

The technologies in which the company has expertise include AR&VR development, iOS app development, Android app development, IoT development,  and game development.

The wide range of markets that the organization serves include finances & mobile banking, luxury retail, real estate & hospitality, healthcare & wellbeing, automotive, and many more.

It fulfills the IT requirements of startups, entrepreneurs, enterprises, and SMEs. Some of the most remarkable clients that the organization has served include The Times, The Sun, Canon, UK Music Apps, TwoFour TV, Campaign for Wool, GXS, Sky, and many more.


The enterprise mobile app development company was founded in 2005 and earned a Clutch rating of 4.6. It has created apps and software for various sectors like utilities, social networking, charities, lifestyle, medical and mental health, retail, and business and membership organizations. 

The wide range of services that the company provides includes hybrid and native app development, content management systems, business processing systems, eCommerce, hosting, website design and development, digital product road mapping/prototyping, and e-learning. The company’s key clients include SKIN, NHS England, Farrat, Nestle, etc. 

4. Incepteo

Founded in 2007, the gold-verified company has a Clutch rating of 4.6. It provides a wide range of IT solutions, including bespoke software, application support & hosting, AI development, quality engineering, and many more.

Besides, it delivers application modernization & development, website & mobile app development, startup tech platforms, SaaS solutions, native apps on Android and iOS, and hybrid apps. It has offices in London, New York, and India. The company’s key clients include Geodis, Betterlogic, Capium, MSDUK, Optimax, Driver Logistics, Vision Engineering, Collude, and many more.

 It has served startups, medium-sized companies, and even larger enterprises with its more than 300 quality workforce and delivered over 200 projects in different technologies. Moreover, the organization has more than 15 years of experience in the industry and has 100-plus global customers.

5. Apadami

With over 250 in-house developers and a Clutch rating of 4.8, The cross-platform app development company designs optimizes, and develops mobile applications for various brands. It is a gold-verified company offering a wide range of services, including technology, innovation, product, and app audits.

In addition, the enterprise provides services related to data science and analytics, complex system integrations, and product optimization and conversion. It offers support and maintenance for digital products. Providing complete app overhauls to building record-breaking tech solutions, the company serves a wide variety of sectors, including retail, financial, sports, healthcare, etc.

Some of its clients’ significant names include The Very Group, SailGP, NHS, Domino’s, Chelsea Football Club, Charles Stanley, BBC, Chetwood, Argos, and Wattbike. The company has offices in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

 6. Tapptitude

With more than 100 product experts, including developers, UX/UI designers, testers, strategists, and managers, the enterprise has delivered more than 120 apps which include iOS, web, and Android apps with millions of active users.

For the last nine years, the company has served more than ten industries, including health, social platforms, fintech, IoT, marketplaces and retail, and arts, entertainment, and culture.

Regarding mobile app development solutions, it offers services like Android app development solutions, iOS app development services, and React Native app development. Besides, the company’s other IT services include web and backend development, quality assurance, AI, machine learning, data science, UX/UI designs, and product launch services.

It is a gold-verified enterprise mobile app development company that has gained a Clutch rating of 4.9 and has offices in New York, London, Romania, and Amsterdam. The company’s key clients are Olly, Glorify, SAP, Wellory, OxWash, Ontapp, Shebah, and many more.

7. Blink22

Founded in 2015, the organization has delivered more than 80 projects and has gained a Clutch rating 4.9. It has provided IT solutions to over 71 clients in more than 17 countries and has offices in the UK, Egypt, Singapore, and UAE. It offers a range of services, including developing web apps, mobile apps, and chatbots. 

The custom mobile app development company provides various web apps, including static, user portal, dynamic, eCommerce, real-time, content management systems, and educational apps.

Regarding mobile app development, it offers services to develop hybrid, native, and web-based applications. Its key clients are Jumia, Careem, Geidea, CAFU, Rizek, Khatabook, Flexday, Sharwa, etc.

8. Zazz

Founded in 2011 and with over 275 software engineers, the gold-verified company has offered digital solutions to hundreds of government agencies and startups backed by venture capitalists and Fortune 500 companies. It has offices in London, San Francisco, Toronto, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, and Dallas. The wide range of IT services that the company provides includes iOS app development, React Native app development, front-end development, and IoT app development. 

Also, the company offers IT solutions associated with blockchain development, custom software development,  Roblox development, and Android app development. In addition, it provides app analytics and reporting, quality assurance & automated testing, MEAN & MERN stack development, AR/VR app development, machine learning, etc.

The various industries that the company has served include gaming, education, real estate, entertainment, eCommerce, fintech, social networking, healthcare, and many more. 

9. Exyte

Founded in 2014, the company has delivered over 50 projects, gained a Clutch rating of 5, and has offices in London and UAE. The organization’s key focus areas in which it offers IT solutions include Native iOS and Android development in Swift and Kotlin and augmented reality using ARKit on iOS and ARCore on Android. It implements responsive custom UI with complex screen transitions and animations.

In addition, the company also provides services associated with writing modern Jetpack and SwtiftUI Compose code and modernizing existing Android and UIKit View codebases.

Some of the remarkable clients that the company has served include Delta Airlines, Monsanto, PWC, and Bayer.

10. Osedea

Founded in 2011, the mobile app development company is gold-verified, can serve three timezones, and has offices in France, UK, and Canada. When providing IT solutions to its clients, the company offers web application development, mobile application development, cloud-native software architecture, usability testing, and prototyping. They have almost 250 employees and can serve three time zones.


We hope the list of the companies we have mentioned will help you reach the right one and hire dedicated mobile app developers for your next project. However, you should also research and deeply look into the reviews that clients have posted about the companies. It will help you make a more informed decision.