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Tata Avinya EV concept launched with a range of 500 km in 30 minutes of charge

Tata has unveiled its concept car Tata Avinya EV. This concept car of Tata will be built on the Gen 3 architecture, which is planned to be launched in India in 2025. The Tata Avinya has been designed for India, but the company is preparing to launch it in the global market as well. Along with this, Tata is also preparing to launch the Tata Curvv EV in 2024. The word ‘Avinya’ is originally from the Sanskrit word ‘Avinya’, which means invention. This EV concept from Tata is inspired by the catamaran. Talking about the look and feel of Tata Avinya, it is like a premium hatchback.

Tata Avinya EV Concept Design

The Tata Avinya EV concept gets butterfly doors, which offer an expansive interior impression. Tata has named the sunroof of its concept Avinya ‘Skydome’. Talking about the steering design of Tata’s upcoming EV, this console is inspired and will come with a voice-activated system. In the concept, the front of Tata’s EV has been given with a black panel, in which the sculpted bumper has been given.

The Tata Avinya EV will be offered with a versatile design in which advanced features will be provided to the driver. Tata claims that the upcoming Avinya has been improved for protection against dust and water. Along with this, its structural safety has also been improved.

This EV from Tata has been made from a lightweight material, which will control its weight and the battery of this car will offer better performance. Along with this, a T-shaped LED strip has been given in the front of the EV, which is connected to the headlamp.

The battery of Tata’s concept EV Avinya will support ultra-fast charging technology. Talking about the range, it is being speculated that Tata’s upcoming electric car can offer a range of 500 km on a charge of up to 30 minutes.



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