Atum 1.0 Electric Bike Starts Delivery, Runs 100 km For Rs 7

Atum 1.0 Electric Bike: Hyderabad-based electric vehicle start-up Atumobile Private Limited has started delivery of its new generation electric bike Atum 1.0. The company launched this bike in September last year with an initial price of Rs 50,000. Since launch, this bike has been booked for about 400 units so far. This very affordable electric bike can be booked through website.

Atum 1.0 Battery and Range

The Atum 1.0 e-bike has a portable lithium-ion battery pack. This battery charges in just 4 hours. Atum 1.0 can cover a distance of 100 km on full charging. The electric bike comes with a 2-year battery warranty. The city is perfect for children, adults, and elders to roam.

Atum 1.0 Electric Bike Colors

The bike has a wide range of colors. The environment-friendly Atum 1.0 takes great care of comfort and high performance. The design has been passed after successfully testing the bike in different and contrasting conditions. After that, the final product which has come out gives you the feel of a premium cafe racer. The special thing is that it is made from indigenous equipment.

100 km Runs For Rs 7

The Atum 1.0 comes with a lightweight portable battery pack of 6 kg. Its design is such that it can be carried anywhere and charged anywhere with a 3 pin socket. It costs very little to run Atum 1.0. According to the company, it usually takes only 7 to 8 rupees to cover a distance of 100 km in Atom 1.0. Whereas it costs 80 to 100 rupees to cover 100 kilometers in a traditional ICE bike.

Atum 1.0 Electric Bike Design

Its design is the USP of Atum 1.0. The electric bike includes a variety of features such as any road-going heavy tires, comfortable seats, LED headlight with digital display, indicators, and taillights. According to the company, an attempt has been made to set a new benchmark for the Indian electric two-wheeler segment.

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Atum 1.0 Electric Bike Registration

Atom 1.0 has been approved by the International Center for Automotive Technology as a low-speed bike, making it ready for commercial use. Additionally, Atom 1.0 does not require registration and the person running it does not need a license. Teens can also use it for walking.
With an annual production capacity of 15,000 bikes at a greenfield manufacturing plant in Telangana, Automobile can produce 10,000 electric bikes with an additional capacity based on market demand.
The price-effective, performance-oriented, racer style electric bike is specially designed keeping in mind the needs of the Indian consumer. The base price of this new Atum 1.0 is Rs 50,000, which redefines e-mobility with its robust construction and retro, vintage design. This bike is available all over India on Atumobile’s online portal.

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