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5 Powerful Ways To Enhance Your Email Marketing Campaigns With AI

Email Marketing Campaigns

Technology is transforming traditional marketing. Gone are those days when you could delight customers by offering the best products. Customers want much more than that now! They expect businesses to offer them a seamless experience all the time. For great customer experience, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more.

Artificial Intelligence is no more a thing whose benefits are merely being discussed. It is being incorporated in more and more businesses to automate processes, decrease costs, increase revenues, and utilize resources efficiently.

AI is transforming the marketing landscape. The benefits derived from using AI are making companies distinguish themselves from others in terms of customer relationships. AI helps companies understand customers better with time, and serve them better, thus helping in customer retention. Marketers are using AI to analyze data silos, get insights into customers’ preferences and interests, devise campaigns based on these insights, and offer recommendations on a personalized level. AI enables marketers to increase sales (52%), increase in customer retention (51%), and succeed at new product launches (49%).

AI has also changed the face of email marketing and is helping businesses in maximizing revenues. The most advantageous thing about AI is that it lets businesses send the right email to the right person at the right time. Read on to see how you can use AI to enhance your email marketing campaigns!

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Optimising Subject Line

Are you aware of the fact that 47% of email recipients open emails based on the subject line? And that 69% of email recipients report emails as spam based on the subject line? Faulty subject lines can make your customers ignore your emails, delete them, or even mark them as spam. Marketing cannot be based on intuition or gut. Earlier, marketers who knew the importance of subject lines in the email used to perform A/B testing or split testing to determine which version of the email worked the best.

With new tech available at hand, split testing seems to be outdated and there is an opportunity to not just test two versions, but multiple combinations, that too efficiently. AI will not only help you decipher which version performs the best, but it will also save you time to spend on other important things. This includes things like what words must be chosen, the tone, which emoticons to use, and more. And the scale at which this is done is fast and impeccable.

Personalised Content

Businesses can highly benefit from personalization in the email subject line and the content. Personalized emails deliver 6x higher transactional rates and are great to engage subscribers. If you are not yet using personalized content in your emails, you may lose your customers to your competitors because customers in these times are much more demanding and it is a highly competitive landscape out there.

But personalization means going beyond names and wishing your customers on their birthdays or anniversaries and suggesting a perfect gift for them, sending them welcome emails when they subscribe to you or thankyou emails when they shop from your store or sending them “We miss you!” emails when they haven’t visited you in a while or sending them reminders when they abandon the cart while shopping from your e-commerce store. AI can help you determine what content will be most effective in welcome emails, cart recovery emails, order update emails, and retention emails. Thus, helping you drive the greatest amount of engagement and conversion possible.

Customer Segmentation

All your customers or subscribers have varied interests. AI can allow you to segment them, i.e., form different groups among them based on their age, gender, location, etc. Segmenting the email list can enable you in enhancing open rates, click-through-rates, and conversion rates. You can also determine what day of the week and what time of the day would your customers most likely to open your emails. You can even determine the right frequency of sending emails so that your customers value your emails and you don’t bring them to point where they unsubscribe from your list.
Often businesses lose huge amounts of revenues by offering discounts to a customer who would have purchased their product anyway or maybe at a lesser discount.

Humans are bound to make this judgment error and they cannot be blamed. But AI has the potential to determine which set of Customer Segmentation are suited for which discount. By segmenting, you can send the right promotional discounts and offers to the right customers and hence gain. You can even curate personalized newsletters for your customers to keep their interest in your brand alive, making them want to hear more from you!

Sending Relevant Product Recommendations

AI has the potential to process huge data. Its performance keeps getting better with more data it processes. AI can study customer behavior and based on their interests, their preferences, their history, of say past purchases or movies watched, can determine what would they like to purchase or watch in the future. You can email your customers relevant recommendations on this basis and keep them hooked to your business.

Knowing about your customers and suggesting to them what they would like fosters relationships and helps in customer retention. Sending out recommendations would not only improve customer loyalty but also increase your revenues since people can know about your products and if interested, they can buy them. There is even a chance to cross-sell or upsell here, for example, you may suggest what pair of sandals would suit best with a black dress they just bought from you or what subscription pack will offer them more movies, etc.

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Ascertain Customer Lifecycle Stages

Not only can AI outperform humans, make almost accurate predictions but can also boost your businesses in unimaginable ways. AI has the potential to help marketers monitor customer interactions and accordingly ascertain the customer lifecycle stages. This can help in tailoring the communication to be sent to the customer. Suppose the customer is in the Awareness stage, then your emails would be more informative making the customer aware of what your brand does, what is your value proposition, what are your product offerings, etc. Determining the customer lifecycle stages is critical since it tells you the direction in which you have to move ahead.

Wrap Up

Your email marketing can be made much more worthy if you start leveraging the advantages of technology like Artificial Intelligence. It can keep you much ahead in the game by enabling optimal utilization of the resources. So start doing your business the ‘smart’ way!

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