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5 free online tools to convert images to text

Quite often we like a piece of writing featured in some infographics or scanned documents image. But it might take hours to convert that written text into editable form. You’ll have to read and type each sentence by yourself which can be quite hectic. But we have brought you a solution.
An image to converter can make your efforts of hours a matter of seconds. Using an online image to text tool, you can extract text from any captured image, digital image, infographics, or PDF file, into editable text.
These tools are very helpful for students, educators, and content writers. The optical recognition technology is also widely used at workplaces like offices, to edit or extract information featured in scanned documents.
In this article, we have compiled 5 free online tools to convert images to text. We will discuss the features and working of each tool so you can make the right choice that meets your requirements.

Which tool is better to use?

It is not that hard. Just look at their features and know what you want. It has many tools with different functions. Not all are free but many of them. You have to look for the option in your tool. The input’s format depends on the tool. That in which format the data converts.

Characteristics of the tools to look up to

Paid or unpaid tool

Before using any tool, dig in to know its features and if it is paid to, is it even worth buying? If you need to check more pages, a free tool won’t be enough for you. If you’re a student, try to work smartly rather than spending money on these tools.

Quantity of data that can be scanned

Many tools allow one on one images. On the other hand, some tools allow more than one image at a time. These tools tend to save your time by doing your work in a single click.

Accuracy of the output

The accuracy of your output is uncompromisable. While looking for a tool, you must look for output results that are accurate and authentic. You cannot compromise on the results. The tool can retrieve data even from low-quality or blurry edges.

Output from handwritten data

If the images are in handwritten form, the tool must convert them carefully. You cannot take risks in the output. These functions are not available on all the tools. If you want to convert the handwritten images and notes. Keep this in your mind before downloading the tool.

Output from the screenshot

Today, in the times of smartphones, everyone is taking screenshots of their notes and other important data. This tool is a blessing for them to save or edit their data. If you have the input in screenshot form, it can easily convert it into editable data.

Following are the best five free tools


5 free online tools to convert images to text
The full form is Optical Character Recognition. It is a free online converter of images to texts. It made the life of writers, students, bloggers, academics, etc easier. There are fewer or no chances of mistakes and errors.
Download or Install this on your device. Put or drag data in the input box or upload your file.

Qualities of this tool:
  1. You can smoothly add or remove the file.
  2. You have the option of editing.
  3. It is a very smooth and straight process.
  4. It is the best free OCR tool.
  5. There is no daily or weekly limit or restrictions. You can use it according to your needs.
  6. You can enter the input in any form and expression.
  7. You can download the result in a word file or copy the output directly.
How does this tool work?

Let’s discuss how you can convert your image into text form.

  • Place or upload the image or notes in the input field.
  • You need to verify the reCAPTCHA.
  • Click on the given option.
  • You’ll get the results in a few seconds
  • To save the output, save or copy it.

OCR.best converts the data with great accuracy. You don’t need to spend your money on these tools when there are many free tools available.
Ocr.translator is used to compare your data from the image to the text.
These tools made this hectic and hard task a fun task. It is a solution to many problems faced by the converters. It makes the process less time taking and free of error.

PrePostSeo Image to text converter

5 free online tools to convert images to text
PrePostSeo is always there to help the writers and students etc. They played a huge role in making their life easier. They have this tool for converting their images to text.
This tool is straightforward and easy to work with. Some of the pros and cons.

  • Format
  • Accessible to other languages
  • Low-quality is a straightforward input
  • Authentic and secure
  • Download your output
  • Accessible to all the devices

You can convert your data from any format. You can convert the output into word format as well.
It depends on you how you collect the output.

Accessible to other languages

It can give you results in many languages. It can translate the data into many languages. You just need to select the language. All the languages are mentioned there.

Low-quality input

Sometimes the images are blurred or in bad handwriting. This tool clears the data before converting. It has access to poor resolution images as well.

Authentic and secure

You will feel safe working with this tool. The output will be authentic… Your data will never be shared with any other person.

Download your output

You can download the result of your data. It can be edited. It is your choice whether you want to download it or copy it.

Accessible to all the devices

This tool is accessible and easy to handle on all small and big devices. You can use it from all over the world through the browser.


The free tool has many ads that can distract you. To avoid these ads, you can use a premium one.

How can we convert Images to text?
  • Upload your file or image in the input box.
  • You can use the crop image option as well.
  • Press the submit option on the tool.
  • your result will be right there.
  • You can convert data into another language as well. Click on the language button to choose.


If you want to convert some difficult and heavy images into text, this tool is for you. It will do your work rapidly. It is another free online OCR tool. When the input ‘image’ is given, it will give you a countdown in how many minutes your output will be done. This is very reliable and tells you the exact time of your result.
It helps you in your business to make receipts and bills from storing them in computer memory to receiving invoices.
Some pros and cons of using this tool are

  • Accuracy up to 96% data.
  • You can select some of the data to retrieve.
  • It is a good thing for freelancers, small businesses, and big enterprises.
  • It works faster than any human can.
  • It has an editor.

You can work through the browser only. No other access to this tool.


It is a simple and smooth online tool for converting images into text. It uses the latest ICR and IWR to work. This website is very straightforward to use. The color tints help you to work better and longer. It helps to stay awake at night if you’re working late. You can copy, upload or drag your data into the input field.
You need to verify once that you’re a human. Eventually, it will only take a few seconds to give you the output. Both options are available. Either download and save your output or copy it directly. You can do more than one document. If you’re in a hurry, this tool is great for you.

Let’s go through the pros and cons of this tool.

  • The tool is designed beautifully.
  • Works rapidly.

Doesn’t contain many services.


5 free online tools to convert images to text
It is a free OCR software to convert images into text or documents. You can convert your data easily without downloading or installing the software. You can use it online. Some pros and cons of Aspose are explained further.

  • You can make changes in the output.
  • Entirely free to use on any iOs or Android.
  • It can work in multi-languages.
  • You can choose any font, writing style, and page layout.
  • It is amazing for scanning books.
  • It is speedy and accurate.
  • Can be used from everywhere without any wire or installation.

None of them.

How can it be used?
  • Upload your image or drag it into the Android put the box.
  • Press enter.
  • After a very few seconds, the result will be on your screen.
  • You can either download the result or simply copy the output.

These OCR tools made the life of writers, businessmen, freelancers, marketers, professors, etc easier and more trouble-free. They can use such tools for their billing system and save a lot of their time and energy. It is a reliable and convenient tool. It can be used to edit your screenshots and other important information.



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