How To Download GB WhatsApp APK 2021 Know The Easy Way To Use It!

GB WhatsApp provides very good features to users. Do you also want to make your WhatsApp Chatting more fun? .. So for this, you will get many cool features in the GB WhatsApp apk. To use these features, you will have to download GB WhatsApp APK to your phone.

File Name

GB WhatsApp






Latest Version

Android Version


App Size

44.3 MB

So know about Download GB WhatsApp APK

GB WhatsApp APK 4.3 Download

GB WhatsApp APK Download

Friends, whenever you have to download GB WhatsApp APK, you quickly open your mobile play store from where you can download any app but…
GBWhatsApp is a Third-Party App that you will not find on the Play Store.
New updates of GB WhatsApp keep coming. So, keep updating this app. Follow the steps given below to update and download GB WhatsApp APK.

  • Go To Your Phone Setting- Go to your phone setting and click on Security.
  • Unknown Sources- Here you have to enable the option of Unknown Sources.
  • Download Apk File- Install the application on your phone.
  • Open The Application- Now open the app and enter your mobile number.
  • Verify Your Phone Number- After entering the phone number, it will Verify Your Phone Number Automatically Through OTP.

Now you can use GB WhatsApp on your phone.
So in this way you can download GB WhatsApp APK on your phone.
Have you Download GB WhatsApp APK? So after downloading GB Whatsapp, you can set it according to your own.

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GB WhatsApp 4.3 For Android

Are you bored with running Original WhatsApp? .. and now you want to run WhatsApp using interesting features.

So before this, fully understand about Download GB WhatsApp Apk, what is it?…

GB WhatsApp APK is a new version of the original WhatsApp itself, but the features that you get on WhatsApp are more than that. So let’s know about the Download GB WhatsApp APK Latest Version, although its functions are similar to the original WhatsApp, when talking about the features, you will not find so many features in the original WhatsApp. The biggest reason for it being popular is its Best Feature “Status”.

It is also like WhatsApp by which you can send messages to someone, send photos, audio-video, files, group chat, that is, we can say that all the mods of WhatsApp Communication are available in it But so many features make it different from Original WhatsApp.

So this was the information of GBWhatsApp, now know about the steps of Download GB WhatsApp APK.

GB WhatsApp Features

Its Best Features force the users to use it. Really, these features are very amazing.

  • Broadcast: You can create a Broadcast of 600 contacts in it, whereas in Original WhatsApp you could create a broadcast of only 250.
  • Images Limit: Together you can send 90 images to it. In the original WhatsApp, only 10 images were sent.
  • Hide Last Seen And Call Disable: You can also call Disable for a specific contact and hide Last Seen for a specific contact.
  • Different Color Theme: You can also download Color Theme for this app and apply different types of Color Theme, while Original WhatsApp has only a White Theme.
  • Hide Blue Tick: You can also hide Blue Tick in it.
  • Videos Limit: In this, you can send a video of 30 Mb, while in Original WhatsApp you can only 16 Mb.
  • Pin Lock: Pin Lock can also be done on personal chat so that no one can read it.
  • Set Auto Reply: Auto Reply can also be set. That is, when you are Busy, you can use Auto-Reply.
  • Different Message Notification Icons: You can use 16 new Icons for Message Notifications.
  • Edit Image Before Sharing: You can also edit the image before sharing.

So, these were the features that users like very much because of which it is so popular.

WhatsApp VS GBWhatsApp Comparison




Status Characters Length

Up to 255 Characters

Up to 139 Characters

Document Sharing at one time



Media Sharing

50 MB

15 MB

Hide Last Seen

Yes No

Status Copying

Yes Yes

Documents Sharing in Pdf, Txt format

Yes No

Languages Supported



Blank Messages Sending

Yes No

Theme Changing

Yes No

Do you also want to use these features?… For this, you have to download its application. So while not delaying, know how to download WhatsApp GB APK.

GB Whatsapp Settings

In order to update and update GB WhatsApp, you are further told about its most important setting.

  • Media Sharing: How can the Maximum and Minimum Picture and Video uploaded by you go in its setting. It has a Maximum Video Upload Limit of 50MB and an Audio 8Limit 100MB.
  • Auto Reply Message: If you live Busy, then you can use this setting. You can write your message in it and when you are Busy, this message is sent automatically.
  • Lock: You can hide your personal chat.
  • Change App Fonts: If you like to change the font style so that your GB WhatsApp’s fonts are in a different style, then you will get many font styles here.
  • Themes: You will get Unlimited Themes by going to the Theme Store and you can change many themes.
  • Other Mods: In this option, you can do many more settings. You can also change Launcher Icon and set Notify bar Icon, Always Online, Backup Data, etc.

So this kind of setting can be done in Gb Whatsapp.

Uses of GBWhatsapp

Now the download GB WhatsApp APK has been completed on your phone, so now you can use it.
But do you know how to run GBWhatsApp?
So let’s know further

  • Open App: First of all, open this app on your mobile.
  • Chats: Here you will see the option of Chats. This option contains the message that you have sent to your friend or someone has sent a message to you, that is, your chat remains in it.
  • Status: GB WhatsApp is for Option Status. You can apply 30 Second Video, some kind of photo on the status. In this, the limit of photos and videos is 30, meaning you can also apply up to 30 statuses in GB WhatsApp. This Option GB is the best option for WhatsApp.
  • Calls: You can see in Calls who has made a video call and who has made a voice call, and if you have also called someone, then that too will be seen in it.
  • Video Call Option: If you have to make a video call with someone, then you can click on it.
  • Voice Call Option: If you want to make a voice call to someone, then with this option you can do this to make a voice call.
  • Select Contact: If you want to message someone in your WhatsApp Contact, then you can do this option.

In this way, you have to use your GB WhatsApp. Friends, when you use it, you will learn to run GB WhatsApp even better.

As we told you above, new updates keep coming. In which more new types of features are available.

So if the GB WhatsApp update is coming to your phone too, then you must also update it.

GB WhatsApp Update 2021

To use the GB WhatsApp latest version on your phone, if you also want to update it, then for this you have been told Step by Step Process.

  • Open GB WhatsApp: Open GB WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Click Three Horizontal Lines: After this, you will see Three Horizontal Lines and click on it.
  • Tap On Settings Option: You have to click on the option of GB WhatsApp settings.
  • Tap On Updates Option: You have to click on the option of Updates.
  • Click Check For Updates: Now click on Check For Updates.
  • Update GB WhatsApp: Now there will be a new version of the app, then it will show you a notification. If you see the latest version here, then you can update Use.

Do you also want to get the benefits of GB WhatsApp? This benefit will double your GB WhatsApp interest.

Benefits of GBWhatsApp

Because of these benefits of GB WhatsApp, it is used so much by the users, so let’s know about these benefits while not delaying:

  • You can also customize GB WhatsApp as per your choice.
  • Where in WhatsApp you used to have trouble sending large-size files and the Folder and time were also very much, whereas, in GB WhatsApp, you can send very large-size files and Folders.
  • If you message someone and if you want to delete the message that the message in front of you cannot read, then you can also delete the message you have made. After which that message will be deleted.
  • You can use 250 Words to write your Status. While Original could use only 139 words in WhatsApp.
  • You also have the advantage that you can send more than 30 Mb of files and data in it. Whereas in old WhatsApp, only 20 Mb files could be sent.

So this is the benefit that you get when you use GB WhatsApp.

You can get so many benefits by using GB WhatsApp and you can use so many features, but do you know whether it is harmful to you or not.

Disadvantages of GB WhatsApp

We will give you some reasons why using GB WhatsApp can be dangerous for you.

  • There is no automatic update of any kind in GB WhatsApp.
  • GBWhatsApp is not available on Play Store and App Store as it does not follow policies and rules.
  • There is no End to End Encryption meaning that it is not secure at all.
  • The message you are sharing is not secure, there is no surety that the message you are sharing is not going to any third-party server.
  • GB WhatsApp Injects Viruses such as Malware and Spyware due to less Secure Hosted Servers. This Virus is harmful to your data and also damages your data.

So using GB WhatsApp also has disadvantages. Which is not empty of danger for you and your device, because of this your personal data also does not remain secure.


Now you too will be able to enjoy these new GB WhatsApp features and increase your interest in running your WhatsApp.

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