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3 Ways Your Unwanted Environmental Technology Can Help The Planet

3 Examples Of Environmental Technology

We live in a world full of environmental technology, from our phones to our kitchen appliances to our headphones. With so many new upgrades, it can be hard to know what to do with unwanted tech. Instead of throwing away your unwanted devices, you can, in fact, use them to save the planet earth.

Throwing away technology can be dreadful for environmental technology, with toxic materials, transportation emissions, and soil and water pollution all damaging the environmental technology remediation. Not only can you reduce this harmful effect of technology on the environment, but here are three ways your unwanted devices and appliances can be used for good.

Recycle Your Old Appliances

Recycling your old appliances couldn’t be easier, and so many appliances are now recyclable. Everything from lawnmowers to fax machines to dishwashers has useful parts that can be recycled now, so there is no reason to throw them into landfills. Some of the UK’s favorite high street electronic stores are committed to helping the planet and making recycling unwanted tech simple and stress-free.

For example, every year, Curry’s recycling scheme collects, reuses, and recycles up to 65,000 tonnes of electrical appliances. They provide detailed information on how to wipe your devices off any data and will also remove and recycle large kitchen appliances when you order a new one. You can recycle smaller appliances, like broken toasters and mobile phones in-store for free too. These electronics will be recycled responsibly, with parts and materials being reused in a huge range of items.

Donate Your Devices to People in Need

Another great way you can help the planet with unwanted tech is to donate your devices to a good cause. Charities like Computer Aid collect unwanted computer equipment, professionally wipe and refurbish them, and then use them in developing countries to provide access to technology to those who need it.

Working with local communities, and utilizing technology like solar power, they provide a sustainable and planet-friendly way to get rid of old IT equipment. Running for more than twenty years, they have brought access to technology to over 14.5 million people, from digital schools in Zambia to solar learning labs in Mexico.

Other charities like One Laptop Per Child, Telecoms Sans Frontiers, The Afghan School Project, and Practical Action are also using unwanted technology to improve the lives of people around the world. These initiatives not only reduce waste but also provide access to information and communication to communities that need it.

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Give Away Unwanted Appliances Locally

Another way you can use your unwanted tech to help the environment is to give it away locally. This cuts down on delivery, transportation, and shipping, which all emit harmful carbon dioxide. It also means you can help good causes in your local community, so look out for swapping events or schools looking for donations. There are so many things you can do with your old technology like giving your unwanted goods to local charity shops, or through free online directories.

Sites like Freecycle encourage reusing unwanted tech, and there are often people looking for items like washing machines or TVs nearby who will come and collect them from you. Charity shops won’t accept all electronic goods, as they need to be tested before reselling. However, if it’s in good working order and you don’t need it anymore, you can pop in or call and ask if they will take it. Often expensive components in things like broken mobile phones and printer cartridges can be recycled and sold for the charity’s benefit.



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