10 Upcoming Gadgets That Will Bring You Close to Future

10 Upcoming Gadgets

Ever dreamed of having a time machine or an Aladdin carpet in your childhood days? We bet you would surely have! Well, the way technology is surprising us with new innovations and inventions each day, the time is near when your childhood dream might become a reality! Scientists and techies from all around the world are trying to find new ways to simplify our lives through gadgets. Science & Technology holds many surprises for us in the future.

Amidst the number of gadgets that are to be launched in upcoming days, we have listed down the 10 best that will bring you close to the future.

1. Cars Without Drivers

You must have seen autonomous cars in sci-fi movies and aspired to have one. Well, autonomous cars are the next big thing in the market. Advancement in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence has paved the way for self-driving cars. According to automobile engineers, such cars are about to dominate the automobile market in the future.

Designed to increase road safety, many companies are investing a huge amount of money in this technology, be it Tesla, Inc. or Google. SO, if you’re thinking to buy a new car, then wait for self-driving cars so that you can save yourself from hectic driving.

2. Pressure Sensitive Alarm Clock

Pressure Sensitive Alarm Clock - Tech Gami
Pressure Sensitive Alarm Clock – Tech Gami

Is your alarm clock unable to pull you out of bed? Don’t worry, the Witwatia pressure-sensitive alarm clock is all set to make you a morning person. It is the most innovative alarm clock for sleep lovers. Unlike, traditional alarm clocks, this device can be placed on the floor as a rug, just beside your bed.

The alarm clock turns off only when you apply your complete body pressure on it at least for 3 seconds. In this way, this magical mat ensures that you are awake and ready for the day. You can also customize the device’s alarm tone by connecting it with a computing device using a USB. Whether you have an early morning meeting to attend or have a pending assignment writing task, just place this mat close to your bed and get your task accomplished.

3. 3D Pen

3D pen - Tech Gami
3D pen – Tech Gami

Need to sharpen your artistic skills? 3D Pen is an innovative gift for you by the techies. Similar to 3D printing, this gadget can be used to draw various 3D designs either on a piece of paper or on a surface. Unlike ordinary pens which contain ink, a 3D pen consists of a plastic filament. When this plastic element melts, it helps you draw different 3D shapes and styles.

4. Social Humanoid Robot

Social Humanoid Robot - Tech Gami
Social Humanoid Robot – Tech Gami

With the implementation of Artificial Intelligence, scientists are ready to develop robots having facial expressions and behavior as humans. We all are familiar with ‘Sophia’, the first humanoid robot who can think and perform actions like humans. Moreover, it is the first robot that has got the citizenship of a country (Saudi Arabia). It is estimated that by 2025, robots will replace humans in every sector of the commercial industry. Scientists are working day and night to make robots as smart as humans.

5. Robotic Suitcase

A suitcase that will always be by your side! Have you lost your luggage in a crowded airport or carrying your luggage seems a burden to you? If yes, then this robotic suitcase, developed by ForwardX, a Chinese robot manufacturing company, will never abandon you. This traveling gadget uses Artificial Intelligence to track your location and will follow you wherever you go. It uses the ‘Obstacle Avoidance Algorithm’ to analyze the environment and figure out its path by avoiding physical obstructions. This gadget also comes with a wrist band that will alert you if the distance between you and the suitcase exceeds 6 feet.

Happy Traveling!

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6. Bio Refrigerator

Biorefrigerator - Tech Gami
Biorefrigerator – Tech Gami

Refrigerators are the most common household devices. New preservation methods have always motivated scientists to come out with innovative ideas. One such futuristic idea is ‘Bio Refrigerator’ that uses biopolymer gel to keep your food cold. All you need to do is place your food into the gel which is odorless and non-sticky. The gel contains “bio-robots” that help in keeping your food preserved by using luminescence i.e., light generated in cold temperatures. Using energy significantly, this amazing device will attract many customers after its launch.

7. Fingers That Measure

FingersThatMeasure - Tech Gami
FingersThatMeasure – Tech Gami

This new gadget is ready to blow your mind and change your fingers into rulers. ‘Smart Fingers’ is all set to reduce the gap between accuracy and approximations. Let’s just agree to the fact that we all have used our hand or arm’s length to describe the measurement of a thing. But, this gadget is ready to change our measuring experience. This device consists of a pair of silicone caps that fit into the fingers. The measurement is displayed on an LED (you can choose the displaying unit) by calculating the time taken by the signal to travel from one fingertip to another.

8. Pain Relieving Devices

Gone are the days when we used to rush to the doctor in case of any minor pain. Today, people are opting for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), a pain-relieving method that is drug-free; all thanks to science & technology. Devices implementing TENS methods send electrical pulses that stimulate the nerves and blocks the pain signal from reaching the brain. Whether you are suffering from back pain or arthritis, this gadget can become your personal doctor.

9. Modular TV Sets

Modular TV Sets - Tech Gami
Modular TV Sets – Tech Gami

Thinking to buy a new TV set? Consider taking “The Wall.” Samsung has come up with an innovative idea that lets you re-size the screen of your television set according to your taste. Sounds unbelievable, isn’t it? But, Samsung is ready to deliver you this amazing experience through its first modular 146-inch TV.

10. An Umbrella that Foretells Weather

Have you ever forgot your umbrella at home or workplace and unfortunately it rained? Don’t worry, you are not the only one who has faced this. While you are reading this blog, there is someone facing the same problem in some parts of the world. But technology experts have solutions to all our problems. The gadget has built-in sensors that collect weather information such as humidity and temperature and predicts rainfall in real-time. When it is about to pour and you have forgotten your umbrella, this device will send you an alert on your smartphone and remind you to carry the umbrella. Very useful, isn’t it?

Excited about these devices? Of course, who will not aspire to have such amazing and useful gadgets? But, you would have to wait for some more time to have these devices in your hand. Till then, enjoy what you have right now!

By Dharamveer Singh

Dharamveer Singh is a content writer at Tech Gami. He has 1-year of experience in content writing. He is making content for the latest technology, Cars, Education.

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