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You Will Not Know About These Features Of WhatsApp Web

Features Of WhatsApp Web

Features Of WhatsApp: Due to work from home, office meetings and work have started happening more on the WhatsApp group at this time. At this time, the use of Whatsapp Web is growing rapidly. However, so far there are many users who are not aware of this feature. In this report, we are telling you how to use Whatsapp Web.

Messenger Room Creation Facility

This feature is currently available on the Whatsapp messaging app. Whatsapp has rolled out the Messenger Room feature last month. For convenience, you only have to add the contacts with which you want to call the group in the messenger room. Create Room option is available only on the WhatsApp Web home screen. Click on the three dots and select Create Room.

Having Trouble Downloading Or Searching For A New Sticker Pack

Whatsapp allows app users to add new sticker packs, but this is not the case with the web version. Users cannot download the new sticker pack on the web version. It will only show pre-downloaded stickers. Users can select any downloaded stickers and send them to their contacts.

Easy in Finding Frequent Connected Friends

This feature is also available on the app but it is easy to search on the web. Just click on the message icon at the top of the window and it will show all the instantly connected friends.

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Information Will Not Be Available To Those Viewing The States

Whatsapp Web-only shows the status that the user has uploaded using the app. Checked states after this will not be seen here. For this only the app version has to be used.

Two Different Windows Will Not Have The Same Whatsapp Account Open

Like the app, a Whatsapp account cannot be opened in two different windows on the Web. If you try to open the same Whatsapp account on two different windows then it will tell the user to use the account in only one window.

New States Will Not Be Add

If you want a status to add on Whatsapp, it is not possible on the web version.

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