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PS4 Online Gaming: Studies project that there will be more than 2.7 billion gamers by 2021, according to Statista. With over 91 million units sold since its debut in 2014, the (PlayStation 4) PS4 online Gaming has drawn a massive crowd of these gamers within the online community – including you!

When everything runs smoothly, a typical (PlayStation 4) PS4 online gaming session is a captivating experience that is worth every penny paid towards a PlayStation Plus membership. However, technical difficulties and other issues arise, it can quickly become a virtual nightmare. Here are several top troubleshooting tips that will help you keep things running smoothly and find quick fixes whenever necessary:

Check for Updates from the PlayStation Network

Before you panic about your own equipment, look at the PlayStation Network (PSN) to check for any issues that may be out of your control. For instance, there may be a network outage that PlayStation Network is trying to work out and resolve in a timely fashion. If you are signed up for their mailing list, text alerts, and social media feed, it is much easier for PlayStation Network to keep you up-to-date on downtime, outages, and scheduled maintenance appointments.

Make Sure You Are Signed into the PlayStation Network

In addition to checking for updates on outages within the PlayStation Network, you should also make sure that you are logged in properly to the network. For instance, you may have inadvertently signed your PlayStation 4 out of the network at some point – a misstep that will have a direct effect on your online gaming experience.

There may also be a problem with the settings of your PlayStation 4. Perhaps you (or someone in your home) recently changed the router password or reset it back to its default settings. If you were kept out of the loop, running an Internet connection test within your PlayStation 4 will help you to diagnose the problem rather quickly.

Checking your PSN connection should be one of the first steps that you take when troubleshooting issues before you focus on your own equipment and physical connections.

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Check Your Internet Speed Regularly

Have you noticed that your game is starting to buffer more frequently than ever before? Perhaps it is starting to lag – especially during the intense levels when your teammates need you the most. One of the first things you should check is your internet speed. It may not be an equipment issue at all; there may simply be an issue with your connection. Once you run a standard speed test, you will quickly determine if:

  • Your internet connection is active at all (it could be disconnected)
  • Your wireless connection needs to be reset or reconfigured
  • Your router/modem is generating the full upload/download speed that you desire

It is important to run the test a couple of times to get an accurate reading. This may not have anything to do with your flawed PS4 online gaming experience. However, aside from physical connections, hindered internet speed is another major cause of issues experienced by online gamers.

Update Your Router with the Latest Firmware

PS4 Online gaming issues can also be caused by outdated firmware slowing down your router. Your router is not able to reach its peak potential – regardless of the speed of your internet connection – if it is not updated with the latest firmware. Make sure that you check the settings of your router to ensure you have the latest download available. This is not only a top tip for online gaming, but it will also help you to prolong the life of your router as well. Think of the money you will be able to reinvest into your actual online gaming experience instead of wasting it on unnecessary router replacements.

Use Google to Research Applicable Error Codes

If the same error code pops up as you are trying to enjoy your Gaadi game, then you should take note of that code. Thanks to the wonderful world of Google, you can find out exactly what is wrong with your connection with just a few keystrokes. The longer you wait, the worst your experience will become. Depending on the error, you could even raise the risk of damaging your PS4 or corrupting your saved data. Therefore, once the error pops up on the screen, do not hesitate to write it down and research it as quickly as possible. Hopefully, it is a minor issue that you can resolve right away and then resume your gaming session.

Maintain Realistic Expectations about Your Experience

One of the best tips you could ever follow regarding your PS4 online gaming experience is to maintain realistic expectations. Consider the age of your equipment, the quality & speed of your internet service, and your overall experience with online gaming before jumping to conclusions. It is easy to imagine your PS4 online gaming session going one way – perhaps matching what you have seen on TV or in a YouTube video – and the reality is the exact opposite. Either way, you can still have a lot of fun and enjoy your PS4 online gaming in general if you maintain realistic expectations each time.

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