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Toll Free Numbers in USA: Enjoy the Possibilities

Virtual numbers and especially toll-free numbers are very tightly integrated into our lives. These numbers are really very popular abroad and different businesses can’t imagine whether it is possible to work without such numbers, the call to which is free for the client. 800 numbers are very popular worldwide, but there are some peculiarities about solutions for the USA. When this number is implemented in combination with a virtual PBX, your company will not have any restrictions in communicating with customers. A full-fledged call center or sales department can work using one multichannel number. Pay for incoming calls, and potential customers are more likely to choose your company.

Positive moments

Multichannel toll free number in USA and virtual IP telephony allow you to manage calls, address them to the right employee of the company, and control every incoming call. When your employees go on a business trip, IP PBX can direct calls to mobile phones. It is worth highlighting the noticeable advantages of a 1-800 code number and some points that are important for business.

  • Such a number maintains the solidity of the company and increases its status in the eyes of the client and partner.
  • Transfer and call forwarding are instantaneous, the client will not wait.
  • You can receive and process up to one hundred calls at the same time.
  • It is possible to synchronize the number and PBX with the website, as well as with the internal CRM system.
  • There’s an implementation of a voice menu for customers, unloading company operators.
  • Recording calls can be performed via a cloud service for data storage.
  • Complete detailed statistics on the use of the potential of telephone communication in the office.

You should professionally set up the equipment for normal operation in your company when using virtual numbers and PBXs. The Freezvon specialists will independently carry out the necessary settings according to your requirements, and they will help you flexibly manage the system to update its capabilities. By the way, there are a few unusual toll-free numbers that are widespread in the USA. There are a few area codes you can connect to. This refers to 800, 855, 844, 877, 888. The setup fee is the same for every solution, the same as the monthly fee. You can visit the website and find more detailed information.

Advantages of virtual numbers

1. Reduced telephone costs
Virtual number ordering makes it easy to get free minutes. The communication by short numbers within the company is not charged. Your employees are always in touch on business trips, all they need to have is a stable Internet.
2. Multichannel
Customer calls that come to the same number are distributed among the operators – evenly or in the order of priority you specified. Your subscribers do not have to wait in line and do not hear the signal “the line is busy”. The provision of quality service increases the loyalty and the reputation of the company.
3. Additional services
A connection to a virtual PBX helps get the business tools, which can significantly accelerate the growth of your own occupation. Web widgets for receiving customer calls through the site, recording conversations to analyze the work of operators, and other services can be connected within a couple of seconds in your personal account and deactivated if you do not need them. You only pay for the services you use.
4. Voice menu (IVR)
It’s a handy tool that allows you to efficiently process customer calls without burdening operators. You can set up switching to the required department, give answers to the most common questions, inform you how much time is left before talking with a free operator, and solve other tasks of your business.
5. Built-in statistics and analytics
In your personal account, you will find complete information about how many calls are received, how long each conversation lasted, and how many calls were made in a given period. This allows you to analyze the peak hours of workloads for operators, quickly respond to the irrational use of working time, and plan the work of the company.
6. Integration with CRM
Virtual PBX easily integrates with Bitrix and other systems that can connect through SIP. It is very comfortable. So, your operators and managers can immediately see that regular customers are calling, keep track of whether there are numbers in the queue, and receive other information. You don’t need any special knowledge to connect your system to your system – we provide detailed instructions and perform all the required procedures. By the way, our support team is available 24/7.

Reasons to choose

The reasons for 1-800 popularity are simple.

  • The advantage over competitors – customer calls to 800 and all the above mentioned are free.
  • Number 1-800 works in all regions of the USA, and there is no need to establish offices in other cities. All calls to 1-800 go to the existing ones.
  • Free calls to your company increase the loyalty of existing customers.
  • Number 1-800 is perfect for advertising campaigns.
  • 800 number forwarding via SIP protocol is possible.

You can find the information about the connection process on the website or simply get in touch with the specialists, who are always ready to bring all the answers and tell you all the peculiarities about the cooperation. By the way, all the data is encrypted and greatly protected, so both parties don’t have to worry about data leakage, as Freezvon pays great attention to this moment.



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