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Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Some Juicy Details About This Upcoming Flagship

Samsung Galaxy Note 10: The ubiquity of mobile phones in the world today has made it impossible for us to imagine a life without them. We are dependent on our mobile phones for almost every little thing that we do throughout the day; be it ordering food, shopping online, or buying assignment writing services. That’s the reason all the smartphone companies are launching new phones and gadgets every now and then. Samsung, one of the largest producers of electronic devices in the world, is on its way to launch the latest innovation of the Samsung Galaxy smartphone, which is the Galaxy Note 10.

Galaxy Note 10 is codenamed as “Da Vinci.” As Leonardo DA Vinci was a polymath, so the S-Pen has been introduced by the code name. We have seen a series of Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy S series but as usual, Samsung has bought the new phone with all new and updated features. If you are curious to know its features, then you are here at the right place. Since we cannot sneak into the office of Samsung, we can only speculate about the features expected from the next-generation smartphone of the Samsung Galaxy Note series.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G Network

Samsung is about to launch two different Galaxy Note, 10 models, one of which will be smaller. Both will have different screen sizes and camera configurations but both will be 5g enabled models. It is expected that the smaller one will be a little cheaper as Samsung Galaxy S10 was cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Samsung has already launched the S10 with the 5G model. It is very obvious that Note 10 will be the 5G embedded model.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 MODEL Screen
    All the smartphones of the Samsung Note series come with a big and curved screen and small bezels, so it is very obvious that note 10 will also come with the curved MODEL screen. It could come with a larger screen without increasing the model’s size.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Customized Bixby
    As Google Assistant is most favorable than Bixby, customers have demanded that Bixby should be customized so that it can assist them with other options as well.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Camera
    It is speculated that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Camera will come with the rear-mounted quad lens which would work as an additional lens to the system. It could get packed with a 64MP camera.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 S-Pen Is Back
    The most important feature for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is the S-Pen. The S-Pen will be connected to Bluetooth and have some more new features.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 In-Screen Fingerprint Scanner
    Customers are facing problems with the fingerprint scanner of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as it is just next to the camera and it also creates a problem in scanning the face. So, there is a chance that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will have an on-screen fingerprint scanner.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Storage
    The storage of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be more than 128 GB and it is assumed that it could have 1TB RAM.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Long Lasting Battery
    The battery backup of the phone will be more than the previous version. Galaxy Note 9 was upped with a 4000mah battery, so Note 10 will be upped with 4300mah at least.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 No Headphone Jack
    It is also believed that Samsung will be ditching the headphone jack that means Note 10 will come with the Bluetooth headphones and it won’t be featured with a 3.5mm audio port.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Note 10 Price in India

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was available at a price of Rs 61,900 in India and as Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is the updated version, its price would be around Rs 71,000 in India.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 might get the Galaxy Note series back in the limelight. It will be launched in July 2019. These were all the speculated details about the phone, but we will get to know about the actual features once it is launched. Till then, let’s keep speculating and hoping for the best!



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