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OnePlus Nord 2 Blast: Company Promises To Pay Treatment Cost and Refund

OnePlus Nord 2 Blast

OnePlus’ budget smartphone OnePlus Nord 2 has been in controversy since its launch. In just three months, many people have complained of fire and explosion in the OnePlus Nord 2. In many cases, OnePlus shied away citing the mistake of the user, but in many cases, the company has promised settlement if the dispute escalates. Recently, a user named Suhit Sharma claimed that his thigh was burnt due to the explosion in OnePlus Nord 2. After a lot of controversy over this matter, now the company has promised to pay the cost of treatment and refund.

Suhit had bought the phone from Amazon only two months ago. Before the OnePlus Nord 2 explosion, neither the phone got hot nor there was any other problem. There was a sudden explosion in the pocket of the pants, due to which Suhit’s thigh was severely burnt. Suhit is currently admitted to the hospital where treatment is going on.

What did OnePlus say on the accident?

According to a report by MySmartPrice, OnePlus has contacted the victim and the phone has been sent to a Pune service center for testing. Apart from this, the company has said that it is in touch with the victim and will pay the full cost of the treatment. Also a full refund will be given. The company has not issued any public statement regarding this matter.

Such accidents have happened before

This is not the first time that a OnePlus Nord 2 has caught fire. Even before this, such incidents have come to the fore not once, but many times and every time the company says the same thing. Earlier in September, a Delhi-based lawyer had claimed that his phone was about OnePlus Nord 2 5G. It exploded like a bomb, after which her gown caught fire. On this claim, OnePlus had issued a notice against the lawyer itself. OnePlus had sent a cease and desist letter to Delhi-based lawyer Gaurav Gulati.

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