Must-Haves in Your Next Gaming PC

Whether you plan on building your next gaming PC or buying a pre-built one, you need to know what to look for. Before you start looking at accessories like a mouse, gaming chair, and headset, make sure you know the specs you need for the computer itself. The following must-haves will help you check off all your requirements for your PC.

Check the Requirements of Your Games

Before you commit to buying or building your new gaming PC, make sure to check the requirements for whatever games you plan to play. Most games will do best with at least 16GB of RAM and at least an Intel Core i7 or better CPU.

Room in the Tower for Upgrades

With technological advances, you could theoretically get away with a fairly small tower. This may be tempting if you are tight on space but think about the future. If you have a small tower, you likely won’t have any room for future upgrades.
You should also keep in mind that smaller towers have limited cooling space. This can make your PC run louder.

Opt for a 6-Core Chip or Higher

When it comes to processors, you can choose one with anywhere from two to 16 cores without getting into specialized parts. At the very least, you want at least four cores. Ideally, you want at least six. If you are just using your new PC for gaming, you don’t need more than six or eight cores.
If, however, your gaming PC will double as a work machine to run AutoCAD, Adobe Premiere, and other software, you may want more cores.

Get a Good Graphics Card

One of the most important features for any gaming PC will be the graphics card. You need a solid graphics card to play games at higher resolutions. It will also deliver high frame rates and just make your gameplay more visually appealing.
The general rule of thumb here is that higher numbers will give you more performance. However, always research your chosen graphics card, as there are some exceptions to this rule. Buying a graphics card is a good time to take advantage of a Newegg promo code, as the extra money you spend can make a big difference in your gaming experience.

Don’t Go Overboard with RAM

You can easily find systems with 64 GB of RAM or a similarly high figure. But you are unlikely to need that much. As mentioned, most games will be fine with 16 GB. Some are even fine with 8 GB. If you get more RAM than this, you are most likely wasting money.
For reference, Fortnite and PUBG recommend 16 GB. Half-Life: Alyx recommends 12 GB. Doom Eternal and Destiny 2 recommend 8 GB. Overwatch recommends 6 GB.


There are many decisions to make when building or buying a gaming PC. Know that you don’t have to pay for an excessive amount of RAM or cores. But you should splurge on the graphics card and leave enough room in your tower for cooling and future upgrades.

By Dharamveer Singh

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