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Mobile Gaming is The Biggest Trends – That You Need To Try Now

Try new mobile games of AR/VR Technology for high equality gaming experience.

There are mega changes happening in the mobile games zone that are changing the industry in major ways. There is Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality that are almost a part of each game out there. It adds to the performance of smartphones and helps build a connect with the players while offering engaging and entertaining games on and on. Want to look at the top trends that is shaping the industry in 2018? Here’s what’s grabbing the headlines.

Console Quality Mobile Games
One of the things that has always been of interest for mobile gamers is high equality gaming experience. With popular games like Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) and localized games like Rummy, the mobile users can now experience the game across multiple platforms, making it exciting for the gaming community. This has been a significant change as mobile gamers are now getting used to longer gaming sessions.

Smartphones are now packed with enough juice to run high console quality graphics, taking mobile gaming to the next level. This gives the game developers an opportunity to give a unified experience across all platforms. What it is taking us forward is further high-quality mobile games in the next five years.

At the moment, mobile games face the challenge with touch controls. There are games that work great through the gamepad control, however becomes a challenge when it comes to a touch screen. Hardcore gaming on smartphone has taken off and we have witnessed is a range of games that can be enjoyed as much on a smartphone as any gaming device.

One of the challenges that’s seen is the management of controls. For any mobile development company, mobile games automatically mean touch controls, whereas on a gaming device, this can be easily accomplished through a gamepad control scheme. However, with hardcore gaming on smartphones now standing on a strong footing, we are already witnessing a resurgence of different gaming accessories like gamepad, power banks etc., that keep the mobile up and running for long hours.

Security in gaming
One of the concerns in gaming has always been around security. Sharing sensitive and confidential details like credit card details, your identity raises eyebrows. Will the data be compromised? What if the payment gateway is not secure? There are many apprehensions. However, gaming in India has matured and all such apprehensions can now be put to rest. Whether it is cyberbullying or sharing of sensitive data, it can now be done with confidence with the best of security checks in place. Anonymity is also maintained if required and in no circumstances is any information compromised. When you play real cash rummy or for virtual currency, your identity is not disclosed and all the player can see is your screen name. Similarly, it is there for other mobile games, where you maintain anonymity if you like.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Enters Mainstream
Both these aspects still play an important role in the gaming industry. However, there are certain issues still faced. When on one hand Augmented Reality is quite popular, on the other hand Virtual Reality is still struggling to find its place.

Virtual reality remains the platform that is preferred by the game enthusiasts with different innovative games coming up over time. Mobile games today allow players to do multiple tasks right from having virtual pets to interacting with them in the real world. What the games today need is create games that introduce both the AR and VR technologies even on the mobile platform. The journey has started, however there’s still lot to be done in this segment.

Game Discovery Challenge
Creating a mobile game is just the beginning of the journey ahead. Every mobile development company wants its game to be discovered. Even the biggest of gaming studios often face the challenge of having their games discovered. The gaming app world is overly crowded, making it a highly competitive market, making it furthermore hard to get its place in the zone.

The mobile game market is saturated, and it is very important to have a strong acquisition strategy in place, without which even the best of games will be lost in the crowd.

Mobile gamers, the next billion market
Developed mobile gaming markets are getting saturated, and now game developers are moving towards countries like India and China that has millions of smartphone users. The combination of localization and understanding of the things that are specific to the market help in growing the gaming industry in the country. When the players get what they are looking for and somehow connect to their life, then there are high chances of the player sticking with the game.

India is a mobile centric gaming market, giving it a huge advantage. Game developers can directly need to focus on the ease of playing the game on the mobile, even when the audience may not have the experience of a PC or a gaming console. The country is dominated by Android players and the games on this platform work quite well.

For the mobile game developers, the picture is very clear. Mobile games will continue to grow and also evolve across the country. Smartphones are today’s PC and are all powerful for complete gameplay. With economical data plans, budget friendly smartphones and localized game options India is setting the trends for the mobile game development.


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