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Maruti Suzuki to launch a battery car with a long-range and great design

Due to expensive petrol and diesel, now the cell of battery cars in India is gradually increasing. In view of this, many carmakers are emphasizing electric cars. Now the news is coming out that the country’s largest car company Maruti Suzuki is also preparing to introduce its electric cars in India. The company has not yet launched an electric car model. But, some time back it was reported that the company is planning to introduce an electric version of the WagonR. Also, now Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Hisashi Takeuchi has given information about Maruti Suzuki’s planning regarding electric cars.

Maruti Suzuki EV

Hisashi Takeuchi, the new CEO and MD of Maruti Suzuki says that it will be difficult to bring down the price of electric vehicles in India below Rs 10 lakh. He also told that Maruti is planning to introduce several EVs in India and in 2025 the company can introduce its first electric car.

Along with this, the company is also looking at manufacturing electric vehicles in its factories in the future as the demand for EVs increases in the country. At the same time, the first EV model will be made at Suzuki Motor’s Gujarat plant.

Takeuchi said that if anyone should bring an affordable EV to the market, it should be Maruti Suzuki. But EVs are still very expensive… so I think it is quite difficult to make very affordable EVs. At the same time, Takeuchi said that the availability of charging points at short distances can help in reducing the cost of the vehicle. On the other hand, if the infrastructure is everywhere and there’s always a fast charger available wherever you go, maybe a less expensive car could be used for a cell with a much smaller battery.

Takeuchi said that the company will launch the first electric vehicle in 2025 and then several models will be introduced in the market one after the other. The company’s first EV will not be less than Rs 10 lakh, about which the company itself has made clear.

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