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JIO Call Recording App


JIO networks have already started to push its minority population of 2G users, to update themselves to the faster 4G network. The company has also launched two different smartphones, priced at approximately Rs. 1,324 and Rs. 2,999. Though these phones do not offer you a lot of features, they have, however, enabled several users to harness the seamless networking connections at a very reasonable price!

This has made digital technologies accessible to a lot of Indian customers who otherwise would not invest in high-end smartphones. And as much as we romanticize the old-school ways of life, living in today’s world without a proper smartphone can make life unnecessarily hard. Be it getting your groceries, booking a mystery room Bangalore, or even getting notifications about a new job opening, the internet, and digital tech open up doors of opportunities for everyone. So, despite the criticism, JIO, at some level, is democratizing telecommunication in the country.

In keeping with their constant additions and alterations of services, recently Reliance JIO has launched a brand-new call recording app for users. It is a free call recording app that you can use as a JIO user. This article will take a detailed look at what the app offers and how it is different from other existing applications for the same purpose.

Let us start first by tackling the most-asked question:

What is the JIO Call Recording App?

The JIO call recording app is a free mobile app for 4G users. They can use it to record any incoming or outgoing voice calls that they make from their mobile phones. It is a free mobile app that you can install easily on your iOS, Windows, or Android smartphone. However, this call recording app can only be utilized for JIO users.

Using this mobile application, you can now get high-quality call recordings of every call that you call or receive.

How can you download the JIO Call Recording App on your mobile phone today?

Downloading and installing your JIO Call Recording App on your mobile phone is a rather easy process. You can follow the extensively detailed process given below to make the application run on your mobile phone:

  • Firstly, open the JIO App Store on your JIO mobile phone, the Google Play Store, or the iStore on your mobile phone.  
  • Then search for the “JIO Phone Call Recording App” on the respective app store available on your mobile phone.  
  • Once this app appears on the search results, simply click on it.  
  • The JIO Call Recording App will start to install on your mobile phone.  
  • Now, the call recording app is installed on your device.  
  • After opening the JIO Call Recording App for the first time on your mobile phone, you must tick the ‘Agree’ checkbox on ‘Terms and Conditions.’ 
  • Now, the JIO Call Recording App has been installed on your mobile phone and is all prepared to be utilized for your purpose!

How can you record a call using the JIO Call Recording App on your mobile phone today?

To start recording an incoming and outgoing call on your JIO Call Recording mobile application is a simple process. You can just follow the step-by-step guidelines given below and seamlessly record calls on your mobile phone:

  • Firstly, start by selecting the call that you wish to record (either outgoing or incoming) 
  • As soon as you do this, your call recording will start almost automatically.  
  • No form of manual call recording needs to be done when you use the JIO Call Recording App on your mobile phone. 
  • Once your selected call has been recorded completely, the recording will be automatically saved in a separate folder on your phone’s file explorer by default.  
  • You can also manually select a separate folder where you wish to keep all the call recordings together.  
  • Given that, once your call(s) have been recorded and saved, you can listen to them anytime and anywhere that you want! 
  • Even inside the JIO Call Recording App, you can use different filters like date, name, and time, to search for a particular call recording! 

How can you set the automated call recording feature using the JIO Call Recording App on your mobile phone today?

The brand-new JIO Call Recording mobile application is certainly amazing in the way, and it also allows users to set an automated call recording feature rather seamlessly! When you use this feature, you no longer need to separately select the calls that you wish to record on your mobile phone. Instead, your mobile phone now starts to record all the incoming and outgoing calls that you receive or make on your device. Just follow the simple steps listed below, and you will be able to use the automated call recording feature on your mobile phone:

  • To use the automated call recording feature, you need to first choose the default option. 
  • Then you will be given different options to choose from – 
  1. Ignore everything – When you use this feature, your JIO Call Recording mobile app will record none of your calls.
  2. Ignore contacts – When you use this feature, your JIO Call Recording mobile app will record all your calls except for the contacts that you did not select.  
  • The JIO Call Recording mobile application also allows you to add specific notes on any given call recording as per your desire.  
  • You can turn the automated call recording notifications on or off anytime you want!

If you wish to record calls on your device without the JIO Call Recording app, here is an alternative for you: 

How to record my calls on any JIO Phone through online browsers?

Even though call recording in this method is not a recommended procedure, you can still use it if you want. Follow the steps given below to know more about the process in detail:

  • Start with minimizing the call that you wish to record on your mobile phone. 
  • Open the browser on your mobile phone, or you can long-press the ‘0’ button on your JIO phone to open it. 
  • Then type “online voice recorder virtual speech” on the Google search bar and search for it. 
  • Visit the first website that pops up on your screen. 
  • Once the website opens, click on the ‘Start recording’ option. 
  • The website will ask for permission for your microphone to record your voice call. Simply click on ‘Allow.’  
  • Once you do this, your recording will start automatically.  
  • When you wish to stop the recording, just click on the stop recording button, and you are done!


And that’s a wrap on everything you need to know about the JIO call recording app. If you are someone who needs to keep a record of their conversations, this can be a convenient way of doing it to some extent.



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