Why do Companies Choose .NET for Enterprise App Development in2023?


According to the reports of Statista.com, the .NET framework gets used by 34.55% of the developers present globally. And such high usage can only be because of the adoption of .NET for developing business solutions. Whether it’s 2021, 2022, or 2023, .NET has retained its position at the top of the leading development frameworks list.

In 2023, the demand for .NET developers has increased and is still growing exponentially. Due to it, a question occurs in the industry “What does .NET hold that enterprises are selecting it over other technologies?”. Maybe the same question was in your mind, and you were searching for its answer.

But, now you don’t have to look anywhere else, as further in this blog, you will get to know the answer.So, let’s get started.

The Reasons Behind Selection Of .NET Custom Enterprise Mobile Application Development Services

The following are the top and prominent reasons behind the selection of .NET by enterprises in 2023.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Cross-Platform Compatibility

The ability to run a single codebase across all mobile platforms, such as Android and iOS, is a primary reason behind the .NET selection. It helps companies to save themselves from investing a hefty amount in developing multiple applications for different platforms. Also, it eliminates their efforts of managing multiple applications.

In addition, .NET offers to provide a native experience to all end-users, regardless of the same codebase. And if their customers shift from one OS to another in the future, they don’t have to worry about that. Hence, with a reliable investment in .NET development, companies gain a high return on investment.

Low-Cost Maintenance

As .NET is an Object Oriented Programming (OOP) methodology based, it becomes easy for developers to modify and troubleshoot it. They don’t have to undergo extensive code review to find and resolve a bug. All such errors and bugs get effortlessly identified and tested, reducing the update release time.

In addition, .NET also enables to:

  • Impeccably modify the core settings to streamline functionality
  • Reuse the code to save time
  • Break down the problems and implement accurate solutions for them

As a result, the cost of availing cost service lowers, as a small team is sufficient for maintaining the application.

High Data and Application Security

High Data and Application Security

An enterprise processes a large quantity of confidential and sensitive data, including financial and personal information. And protecting all such data is the prime objective of any organization. Enterprises can configure all the necessary security controls by selecting the .NET framework for mobile app development.

.NET is helping companies to configure authentication, authorization, role-based access control, encryption, hashing, and much more. In addition, it allows restricting data communication over only an HTTPS connection to maintain its integrity, confidentiality, and availability.

Besides, Microsoft frequently tests the .NET framework and releases updates for it. Due to it, all the vulnerabilities get patched before exploitation.

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

Within an organization, multiple departments are present, and all utilize different software for business operations. For instance, the finance department uses accounting software, IT uses server management systems, and other uses their respective app. But with .NET, enterprises can connect the functionalities of all such software within a single application.

Moreover, .NET enables to build of custom APIs that help to connect third-party applications with the .NET solution. And in case a company needs cloud computing, the .NET application seamlessly integrates with AWS, MS Azure, Google Cloud, and more.

Therefore, a single .NET application can provide all functionalities within a single package.

Affordable To Hire .NET Developer

Affordable To Hire .NET Developer

With the high demand for .NET development by startups and small-scale, medium, and large-scale companies, many professionals are getting trained in it. Due to it, organizations are able to find resources at an affordable price.

The hourly rate to hire a .NET developer starts from $18/hour and goes up to $40/hour. The price entirely depends upon the developer’s seniority and experience. And enterprises conduct interviews to find the most reliable and economic developer. It aids them in saving money on human resources and investing in software, hardware, and system resources to accelerate .NET app development.

In addition, to save more, you can onboard a .NET development company and select one of their outsourcing models.

Numerous .NET Frameworks for Every Need

The availability of a dedicated .NET framework for every application and need is the main reason for its selection.It helps reduce third-party module usage, preventing cyber threats and increasing application functionalities. Some of the prominent .NET frameworks include:

  • ML.NET for integrating machine learning capabilities in the application for optimizing user experience, analyzing insights, and making better decisions.
  • Nano framework for developing applications and programs for IoT devices and sensors.
  • .NET MAUI for creating native mobile applications for Android and iOS using the same code.

In addition, you can use the .NET framework for creating games, frontend, backend, content management systems, Android apps, iOS apps, web-based apps, and more.

Seamless Scalability

Every enterprise grows over time, making adopting a scalable mobile application essential. And .NET fulfills this requirement by allowing you to add new features and functionalities at any point. In addition, a .NET app seamlessly embeds with a cloud architecture to automate processing resource availability.

Furthermore, Microsoft constantly monitors emerging technologies and updates the .NET framework accordingly. It helps enterprises to utilize new-age technologies with the same application and increase user comfort. Besides, .NET supports using JavaScript frameworks, such as Angular and React, to build responsive frontends per user requirements.

Open-Source Architecture

Open-Source Architecture

The open-source nature of .NET highly leverages the developers to experiment and do innovations. It allows enterprises to build complex applications more straightforwardly and easily manage them afterward. Also, it frees the .NET developers to customize architecture as per their needs and integrate all necessary APIs, modules, and components.

Furthermore, it enables deploying applications on a multi-tier, microservices, and cloud architecture without complexity. It helps the enterprise speed development, accelerates agility, and builds a high-performance solution within the cost constraint. Thus, .NET mobile application development lowers the efforts to handle enterprise-level software.

Factors To Consider Before Selecting a Custom Enterprise Mobile Application Development Company

.NET is heavily in demand, and if you want to avail of .NET development services, the first step is finding a reliable development company. And to do so, you need to visit the sites of such companies. But, make sure to shortlist only those who offer the below services or hold the following characteristics:

  • Custom .NET AppDevelopment
  • .NET Maintenance and Support Service
  • Dedicated .NET Professionals for every project
  • Compliance with industry standards
  • The signing of NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)
  • .NET migration, eCommerce development, and more

Concluding Up

.NET has emerged as one of the favorite technology of enterprises for developing custom applications. And there are numerous reasons behind it, including the open-source architecture, top-notch security controls, potential to integrate with React and Angular.

In addition, .NET also offers multiple frameworks, helping to expand functionalities using machine learning and artificial intelligence and running them across all operating systems. Further, from saving development costs to investing in hiring .NET developers and availing of support services, .NET is the most affordable development framework. Due to it, enterprises heavily choose it in 2023.

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