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iPhone 14 Launch, Price, Features and How Much Will Be The Model

Every year in September, an event is organized by Apple where the company presents its new iPhone series and the noise starts a few months before this event. This time the company is about to launch the iPhone 14 and the discussion about this phone is in full swing. It is believed that like last year, this time also the company can offer four models. The most important thing is that according to the leaks that have come so far, this time there will be no mini version. At the same time, according to the information, this time there will be a lot of difference between the iPhone 14 and its Pro Max model.

iphone 14 launch date

For the past several years, Apple has been launching its new iPhone series in September and this time too the same is expected. Although the company has not officially announced the date yet, it is believed that the iPhone 14 can be launched in the second week of September. A tipster named iHacktu leaks has informed that the company can launch it globally on 13 September and will be available in India as well. Although no official source has been cited in this, the phone is expected to be launched around this time.

Tipster has also given information about the cell date of this phone. He said that all models of iPhone 14 will be available for sale from September 23. But a few days after this leak, other information came and it was said that the new iPhone series may be launched on September 13 but the sale date may shift further. In a report released by Nikkei Asia, it was claimed that the iPhone production is getting delayed due to the lockdown in China, so these phones may take some time to come for sale. He also said that the rest of the models may also come on sale but it will take time for the sale of the iPhone 14 Pro Max to start. Therefore, the company may extend the launch date of the iPhone 14, which has been proposed so far to September 13, as well as the sale date.

iPhone 14 Series Models

The last time the company introduced four models in the iPhone 13 series, the iPhone 13 was accompanied by the iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. But according to the information received, the sale of the iPhone 13 mini was not very good. For this reason, the company has made up its mind to remove him this year. In such a situation, you can get to see iPhone 14 Plus or Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max of iPhone 14. There is also news that this time you will see a lot of changes in the new iPhone compared to the previous model.

iPhone 14 Price India

Based on the reports that are coming this time, it can be said that you will say that the iPhone 14 is very expensive. There are two reasons behind this. The first is that this time the company is removing its mini version. In such a situation, the price of the base model will be higher. At the same time, due to the increase in the price of dollars, there is going to be a huge difference in the price of the phone. According to the news that has come through Lix, this time the price can increase by up to Rs 10,000. Where the initial price of the iPhone 13 was Rs 79,900. This time the price of the iPhone 14 in India can be Rs 89,900 while the company can offer iPhone 14 Max for Rs 99,900. The iPhone 14 Pro is expected to be priced at Rs 1,29,900 and the iPhone 14 Pro Max at Rs 1,39,900.

iPhone 14 Design

Every time they design the iPhone 14, people think that the company will make a big change this time but it does not happen. The company offers it with minor design changes. This time also you will not get much difference. Especially in the base model, almost the same design will be repeated. The company can present the iPhone 14 in a box design in which the edge will appear completely flat. There may be a couple of changes in the big model, especially this time something new is expected to be seen regarding the display.

iPhone 14 Specifications

In all models of iPhone 14, you can get to see an OLED display this time as we saw in iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. However, this time it is being said that the company can use the ProMotion display in iPhone 14 and iPhone Plus or Max models as well. Along with this, you can also get to see a high refresh rate in the initial model.
In screen size, you can get a 6.1-inch LTPS OLED display with a 90Hz screen refresh rate on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus or Max models. Features like your variable refresh rate and always on display might be missing. In the larger models iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, the company can offer a 6.7-inch LTPO OLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate.
Even though the camera number is less in the iPhone, but the quality is tremendous and the company sets a benchmark. If you look at the camera in the new series, then you can get to see a 12MP dual camera in the initial model. Along with this, there will be a front camera of 12MP. However, according to the news that has come, you will not get to see any in comparison to the old model in the main camera. According to tipster Ming-Chi Kuo, the aperture of the selfie camera will be upgraded. The company can use an f/1.9 aperture which will be with an autofocus feature. The old model had a fixed focus aperture of f/2.2.
However, the camera will be quite an upgrade to the bigger model. This time you will get to see the capsule shape punch hole at the top of the screen. This time the Face ID dot projector can be given with the camera. At the same time, Ross Young says that the company can install hardware for Face ID in the display, which will help keep the display small according to the new design. Talking about the camera of iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, a 48MP high-resolution camera can be given.
Although it was believed that from this time, USB-C ports can be given in Apple phones, the new leaks reveal that this is not going to happen with the iPhone 14 series and the company will remain on the Lightning port. The company can go on this from the iPhone 15. Because the European Union has made it necessary.
Satellite connectivity The satellite connectivity feature of the Apple 14 series. This feature will come in handy during an emergency and if it happens you will be able to send short messages without a SIM. It is believed that the company will remove the SIM slot at this time. You will only get the option of e-SIM. At the same time, Wi-Fi 6E is going to be available in the new iPhone. All this information has come from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Apple users may be a little disappointed in the processor. Especially those users who were planning to take the base variant. According to the information that has come about the new iPhone 14, the company can offer both the initial models iPhone 14 and Plus or Max only on the old processor A15 Bionic, while the A16 Bionic processor will be seen only in iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. Ming-Chi Kuo says that the company has not changed much this time compared to the previous processor. In such a situation, there will not be much difference in performance.
This time you can get to see the vapor chamber cooling system. The company is doing a lot of work on this. Ming-Chi Kuo says that the vapor chamber cooling will work similarly to what is seen on Android phones. However, this time the biggest reason behind bringing the cooling system is 5G connectivity. Due to this, the internet has become very fast and problems like heating are also being seen in the iPhone. But here too the news is not good for the base variant users. Because according to the information available, the company will present it only on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

In all models of iPhone 14, you will get to see iOS 16 OS out of the box. The biggest change in the new OS this time is the lock screen feature. The company has given lock screen customization from this time. You will now be able to set photos, font styles, and other widgets including calendar, weather, date, time zone, alarm, and battery level on the phone’s lock screen. You can have multiple lock screens in a single phone. Some time ago the company released the iOS 16 beta, in which you can see the features of the phone.
In iOS 16, you will get features like a shared photo library feature, detection keyboard for fast typing, health feature, email scheduling, multi-stop map, text support in videos, and group tab support in Safari.

Overall, the experience of the iPhone 14 is going to be mixed for you. If the company will get praise for good features, then people are going to troll a lot on old features. But whatever it is, the wait for the iPhone 14 will definitely be there.



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