How To Start Tyre Retreading Business

Today vehicle is present in almost every house. There will be hardly any household that will not have a car and in such a situation, if you are looking for a business idea, then tire recycling is a better option. In view of the increasing trend of vehicles across the country today and keeping in mind their increasing demand, the usefulness of tires may increase in the coming time but can never decrease, in such a time doing Tyre Retreading business is a great opportunity for you. There may be a better option.

Today’s companies make tires with a lot of strength so that they can be easily renewed at a very affordable cost. So if you do this business you can earn a lot of profit from it.

What Is Tyre Retreading Business?

Tire Retreading is a process in which old tires are brought back into production. Tires that are already in use are removed and refurbished and new tires are made from them. So that our old tire gets ready as new once again. Today this business has spread a lot and in today’s time, there is a lot of demand in the market. If you do this business then you can earn good profit with it.

Tyre Recycling Process

There is some process for Tyre Recycling which you need to understand, first of all, old or already used tires are collected:
Inspection: When old tires are brought to the firm, they are thoroughly checked. If that tire is right for retreading or not, they are checked with an inspection machine.
Buffering tires after inspection: Today’s buffers are extremely strong and give the tire a proper length and shape, removing the appropriate amount of worn material, and then the shaping process begins.
repair old tires: With the help of new technology and new machines, repair methods have improved a lot, many of these tires can be repaired regularly and in most cases can be repaired back even when the original material is worn out. A repair station is a place where any kind of injury on the tire can be repaired with the help of new technology.
New Pattern or Design: The old tread rubber has already been Vulcanized with the new tread pattern design. A thin layer of cushion gum is needed to bring the buffed tire out of its original form and to coat the new rubber. If the tire’s original rubber is in good condition, it is applied directly with the building machine. With the help of which the old tire gets a new pattern and design.
Recheck: New tires are tied to check them again and they are checked once again so that they do not have any shortcomings.
Process: After the tire is completely ready, it means through the chamber process, whether the tire can bear the heat or not, how much its wear capacity, if not more or less air pressure, how much is the capacity of rubber-like many things are checked.
Final inspection and shaping: The final test of the tire tells which tires can be used or not, only after that they are taken out of the retread plant.

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Tyre Retreading Requirements

  • Place
  • Machines
  • Raw Material
  • Investment
  • Profit

Tyre Retreading Place

It is very important for you to have the right understanding about this thing because in this you have to work with big machines. So you should choose the place keeping in mind the arrangement of transport for this.
If you keep it in the middle of the city then you will have to face many difficulties. It would be better if you keep it outside the city so that if you want to bring or take something there, then you can do your work without any difficulty.
Place:- 2000 to 3000 Square Feet

Tyre Retreading Machines

You need a machine in the tire cutting business. The following are the names of the machines used for cutting tires:

  • Tyre Buffing Machine
  • Trade Builder Machine
  • Tire Curing Chamber

Tyre Retreading Raw Material

The biggest and good thing about tire retreading business is that you do not have to suffer much for raw material for this because you get all the raw material for this business very easily from the market. You can easily get old tires from any garage, tire puncture shop, scrap shop.

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Tyre Retreading Investment

Investment is taken into account of all those factors on which we spend in our business, whether it is about the equipment or equipment you sell or about the employees or about your plant. In this business too, in the same way, how much will you have to spend on tires and how much will be the transport-related expenses, keeping in mind how much you spend on machines, you will be able to determine your investment completely.
Investment: 50 to 60 Lakhs

Tyre Retreading Profit

You can start this business in any town, city or big city. In a retrading business, you can make a profit of 60% to 80%. The tyre retreading business is a full-year business. The recession in this business is negligible. It will not take you much time to run the Retrading business, you can easily grow this business in just 5 to 6 months.

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