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How To Download YouTube Videos Absolutely Free?

How to Download Youtube Videos: YouTube is about to step on the threshold of its youth. We are saying this because this online video-sharing app was launched on February 14, 2005, which has turned 17 years old and is going to complete 18 years soon. While creating this social media platform that came into existence on the day of Valentine’s Day, perhaps its developers would not have even thought that YouTube would be accessible to every person who would have a mobile in hand. Everyone watches videos on YouTube, but many people also want to download some YouTube videos to their phones and laptops. If you also want to learn how to download YouTube videos and save them on your device, then today we are going to talk about this topic.

Youtube Premium

Google-owned American company YouTube is the world’s second most visited website by people online. The company also introduced its subscription plan Youtube Premium some time back, which not only improves the experience of watching videos online but also gives the option to download and save videos. Youtube Premium is completely free for the first month but later its plans start from the starting price of Rs 129 per month.

How to Download Youtube Videos

Talking about the benefits of Youtube Premium, ad-free videos are available on it and they can also be played in the background. At the same time, the biggest benefit is that videos can also be downloaded and saved offline on YouTube Premium.

  • Open youtube.com on your device and sign in to your YouTube Premium account.
  • Search and open the video you want to download.
  • The download button is given just below the video, click on it.
  • By pressing the download button, the video will be saved to your device and the icon will turn blue once the download is complete.
  • Saved videos can be viewed in the menu on the top left of YouTube under the download option.

The company has integrated the option to save videos offline, but no official process has been brought by the company to download videos in a permanent way. In such a situation, Youtube videos are downloaded only with the help of third-party apps or external websites. There are many options to download such YouTube videos on the Internet, but here we will tell you how to download videos through Savefrom.net which is very much in trend.

how to free download youtube videos

  • First of all open Youtube on your mobile phone or computer laptop and go to the video which you want to download.
  • Open your favorite video on YouTube and copy the video URL at the top.
  • Now open Savefrom.net on your device.
  • On the home page of savefrom.net, you will see the search bar at the top, paste the copied YouTube link into it.
  • As soon as the URL link is pasted, you will see the thumbnail of the video.
  • Along with the video thumbnail, you will be asked in which quality to download the video.
  • Click on the More button here, and a list of the size and quality of the video to be downloaded will come out on the side.
  • Here choose according to you which size and quality you want the video.
  • By clicking on the download button, the video will be ready for download on your mobile or computer.
  • Here choose in which folder you want to save the video on your device and press the Save button.


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