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Facial Recognition System – An Intriguing Technology

An Intriguing Technology is the facial recognition system has eased the lives of people in a number of ways.

There has been a constant progression in the car technology for decades. The technical trends vary from era to era. It can be seen that the world is moving towards a more tech-savvy culture so new innovations are welcomed by the massive audiences. To our fortune, the facial recognition system has eased the lives of people in a number of ways. When a person enters the car, it verifies the individual, tracks his driving performance and obstructs the driver from making dangerous mistakes.

Artificial Intelligence Scaling New Heights

Falguni Desai once said, “Artificial intelligence is about replacing human decision making with more sophisticated technologies”. Artificial intelligence is all around us today. The companies in this era believe that in order to make a mark in the automotive industry, business needs to innovate. For this reason, new inventions in the automotive industry are appreciated. Facial recognition system has been introduced that helps identify the facial features of humans and distinguishes one person from another.

Have you ever thought of cameras installed in the vehicle facing towards you? You are welcome to this remarkable facial recognition technology that records your expression of disgust, happiness, excitement or even a twinkle of your eye. This technology helps keep the driver and passengers calm. This state-of-the-art technology keeps a strict check on the performance of the driver. This technology has the ability to bring about an enhanced level of convenience for users.

How Does it Work

Everything happens for a purpose and there are a number of reasons for developing a facial recognition system. In this system, a camera is installed on the dashboard that helps register the faces of friends and family. In case a person does not register and settles inside the car so the intelligent vehicle would deny moving. This can be good news for you as your children cannot dare control your car without your permission. This is how this system works as an anti-theft device.

One of the essential features that every parent would love to experience is its invasion in the personal space of children. It is, in fact, an optional yet high-tech feature that allows busy parents can have a check on the activities of the offspring. The camera can spy on the kids by receiving video feedback in return.

In the Pursuit of Improved Safety

Safety is at last one of the most essential attributes of any vehicle. Safety and security of cars are energized by the help of facial recognition system. The system acts in the manner of a stimulus-response system. Driver fatigue and inattention get detected as stimulus while the response is generated in the form of emergency braking of controlled speeding of the vehicle.

Another benefit of this technology is its convenient adjustments. Whoever sits on the seat, the car starts to respond in the manner of the person seated. It automatically settles the seating position of the driver, music volume and vehicle speed and so on. This helps the driver to pay more attention and focus on the road ahead for avoiding any possible mishaps or accidents.

Companies taking up the Challenge

The power of a brand lies in the hearts and minds of the consumer. The companies are working on providing value to the customers in order to build their brands. The companies such as BMW, Subaru, Ford, Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, and Land Rover are either planning or already using the facial recognition system in their fast-blistering vehicles. The viewers can visit the website of SBT Japan if they are looking for highly robust used vehicles. The importance of this technology cannot be neglected as the leading brands are making use of this for expanding their consumer base.

A Final Thought

All around, this technology is deemed to be a blessing in disguise. This system can also lead to advanced performance settings. It has been proved that it is the facial recognition system is focused on creating a safer and convenient driving experience for families.

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