BenQ V7050i 4K HDR Laser TV Review - Picture quality and color production is also superb

BenQ V7050i 4K HDR Laser TV Review

I love watching movies on the big screen. But for this, I do not like to go to the movie hall because then one has to leave the comfort of home and go out and in the Corona era, theaters have been rarely opened for the last few years.

If I were to ask you a few years ago today, how can one enjoy entertainment on the big screen at home? So maybe you would say that only a ceiling-mounted projector will have to be installed for this. But now is the time of laser TVs which are capable of doing bigger projections up to 120 inches. The amazing thing is that you don’t even need to hang it on the ceiling to do this. A large projection can be enjoyed by placing it only a few centimeters away from the wall.

The BenQ V7050i is a high-end 4K HDR Cinema Projector that costs around ₹5,49,000.

BenQ V7050i Design

Laser projectors are slightly larger in design than regular projectors. Still, the design of the BenQ V7050i (L15.3 x W18.9 x H6.3 inches) won’t let you down. Visually, you can also compare it to a small desktop, which can be comfortably placed on any table. It has a plain fabric on the front, behind which the speakers have been given. There is also the BenQ logo on the right side.

The opening of the cooling fan is given on both sides of the projector. At the same time, all the ports are given at the back. That includes 2xHDMI 2.0, 3xUSB-A, and a Power Pin port.

The top of the BenQ V7050i is the most attractive. A slider roof is given here. Which opens when the projector is turned on and the projector lens is present under it. The roof cover is a good feature when it comes to lens safety.

This laser tv comes with 2 remotes – with one remote you can fully control the projector. While the second remote is of the BenQ QS01 Android TV dongle that comes with the projector. Yes, the V7050i doesn’t have an in-built Android TV but instead uses the BenQ dongle that comes with the projector. However, the projector can also be controlled with the remote of the dongle.

BenQ V7050i Feature and Software

The Android TV found in the BenQ Stick works well. It is fast and responsive as compared to other dongles coming into the market. In this, you get pre-installed streaming apps like Amazon Prime and YouTube. Also, you can easily install any of your favorite apps through Google Play Store.

The hotkey of Google Assistant is given on the remote control, with the help of which the TV can also be controlled through voice commands.

However, one of the main problems is that there is no native support for Netflix on Android TV. Because of this, you have to take the help of third-party apps and the Play Store.

BenQ V7050i Performance

When it comes to Laser TV or Projector, the most important thing is the image and picture quality. Both of these are great on the V7050i. This laser TV delivers Deep Black levels, vibrant colors, and sharp picture quality. A special bright cinema mode has been given in the projector. Due to which the content can be seen during the daytime or even when the light is on. But like any other projector, the display is much better in low-light.

It is a 4K UHD projector with a 1,920 x 1,080 DLP chip and supports pixel shifting resolution up to 3,840 x 2,160. In simple words, the image converts HD to 4K, but the difference between the original 4K quality and this quality is negligible.

The BenQ V7050i has support for both HDR10 and HLG, but Dolby Vision is not supported here. However, Dolby Vision is not available in any other projector at this price.

BenQ V7050i Audio Quality

The V7050i comes with built-in speakers from Tivoli, which includes two 5-watt virtual surround sound speakers. The sound of the speaker is loud and clear but here you do not get that much bass effect. Overall the speakers do an average job. But if you want complete cinematic fun then you will have to spend separately on the soundbar.


If you are a cinema lover and have a large living room at home, then BenQ V7050i can prove to be a good option for you. It offers a Tru-Cinematic Experience with excellent picture quality. However, if the built-in Android TV was given in it, then the user experience could have been much better.
The V7050i costs ₹5,49,000 and is almost half the price of any 120-inch TV. Along with the projector, the company is also providing a 120-inch ALR screen and an Android TV Dongle.

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