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Apple brings new iOS 16, iPadOS 16, watchOS 9 and macOS Ventura

Apple has launched new operating systems for its devices during its annual tech event WWDC 2022. Apple has introduced iOS 16 for the iPhone, iPadOS 16 for the iPad, and macOS 13 for the computer. During this event, the company unveiled the features of the new iOS 16. Apple iPhone will start getting the update of this operating system by the end of the year. The company will offer the new iOS 16 updates for iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, and other models.

iOS 16

There are many new utility and privacy features in iOS 16. In this, users can do many customizations on the lock screen. Users can add a variety of gadgets to the lock screen. In the updated lock screen, a button for notifications has also been given in the ball. With this, users can hydrogen notifications during the lock screen. The Live Activity feature has been given on the lock screen of iOS 16, which is very helpful in tracking live events, workouts, and cabs.
In iOS 16, users can also undo or edit sent messages. Along with this, meditation has been included in the health app of the new iOS 16. With its help, users can create and manage meditation lists. Along with this, users can share PDF files of their health data.
Talking about the privacy features of the new operating system, a feature called Safety Check has been given in it. This feature removes all access that you have given to someone else. Along with this, iCloud also gives the option of emergency reset of data to the users in the safety check. Along with this many, more features have been given.

iPadOS 16

Apple has also revealed the features of the new iPadOS 16 with iOS 16. With the new update, the FreeForm feature has been given, with the help of which the layout of any page size on the iPad can be viewed and shared. The freeForm feature comes with Apple Pencil support. iPadOS 16 is supported by the Weather app, in which users can see the weather forecast along with air quality and temperature along with a map with a click. There are some new special features in iPadOS for iPad Pro models. The virtual memory swap feature is also provided in iPadOS 16.

watchOS 9

Apple has also launched the new operating system watchOS 9 for its smartwatch. A new watch face has also been included in this. It has four new faces – Lunar, Playtime, Metropolitan, and Astronomy. watchOS 9 includes many new features. Along with this, the company has also updated the Workout app. Along with this, the company has also updated the sleep tracking app with new features.

macOS Ventura

Many powerful features have been added in the new macOS update. These new features of Apple will make the experience of Mac users better than before. Like iPadOS 16, macOS Ventura also has a Stage Manager that offers fast multitasking. Along with this, users can group windows of different apps for a particular project. Along with this, with the help of Continuity Camera, Mac users can use iPhone as a webcam. In the new update of Mac, System Preferences has been renamed as System Settings. Along with this, some changes have also been made in its design.



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