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Windows 11: Microsoft’s New Operating System Launch On June 24 From 8.30 pm

Microsoft’s new Windows is going to be launched on June 24 this month. There is news of the launch of Microsoft’s Next Generation Windows (Windows 11). Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Chief Product Officer Panos Panay will both be present at the event. The company is also sending media invites for this event. The event will be held on June 24 from 8.30 pm.

At present, the company’s latest operating system is Windows 10. In such a situation, Windows 11 can be expected in this event. In the new OS, many changes can be seen in the user interface. The codename of the new Windows is being told Sun Valley.

What Special in Windows 11

New icons, animations, a new start menu, taskbar layout can be seen in Windows 11. With the new Windows, the company can also re-arrange the app, which will benefit from multiple monitors. In this, Xbox Auto HDR support and Bluetooth audio can be improved. Microsoft is also working on a new App Store.

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It is being said that this time the company can introduce cloud-based Windows. The big advantage of this will be that this service of the company will be subscription-based, which will make a lot of profit for it. Apart from this, being cloud-based, there will be no problem with games like Microsoft Office and Xbox. The third advantage would be that the company would be able to make better use of its Azure cloud computing platform, which it has been investing in for the past several years.



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