Win Merchandise on Winning Match with AWM- A PUBG Mobile Offer

PUBG Mobile game has set the new milestones since its release. Now it brings some cool prizes for the players. The blog is on the merchandise offer given by PUBG Mobile.

Do you know that quite a few tournaments are coming in the new PUBG Mobile offer game with some exciting prizes? Yes, the cool merchandise offer from Tencent Games can make this PUBG Mobile even more attractive. The merchandise offer will be a part of the new PUBG Mobile Challenge. What you can win are dog tags with a PUBG level 3 helmet, and an AKM and AWM along with a few bullet holes.

What’s the objective?

Well, this challenge has a simple objective. All you need to reach the end of a Normal or Classic match with an AWM sniper rifle. Arcade mode is not valid for this challenge. You can begin a classic match on maps, Erangel, Sanhok, or Miramar. Just keep on looting air drops until obtaining the AWM sniper rifle. Then comes the real test! You need to remain among the last two players or teams. You can achieve this final level in solo, duo, or squad mode. Once your team wins the Chicken Dinner, you have to make sure that the AWM is equipped. Just take its screenshot to qualify for the challenge.

You need to post the screenshot on Twitter along with two hashtags #pubgmobileawm and #pubgmobilechallenge to participate. Hurry up, you must tweet the screenshot before November 22 as the challenge ends on this date.

Before, PUBG Mobile came up with PUBG Crew challenge in which the winners were rewarded with the Scorching Kar98 Skin. This merchandise challenge is also going to be a big hit among the players of PUBG Mobile game.

All the best for the challenge!

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