Xiaomi’s 200W fast-charging smartphone launched soon

Xiaomi’s 200W fast charger has been certified. Some information about Xiaomi’s upcoming charger has been revealed through 3C certification.

120W fast charging technology currently in India

Smartphone charging technology is improving rapidly. Smartphones with 120W fast charging technology are currently available in India.

Xiaomi 200W Charger

Xiaomi is going to launch its first 200W fast-charging smartphone soon. Xiaomi 200W Fast Charger is listed on the 3C website.

Xiaomi 200W Charger

The Xiaomi 200W charger with model number MDY-13-EU has been spotted in this listing. This charging adapter also works on 15W, 27W, 66W, 170W, and 200W charging speeds.

Battery full in 8 minutes

Xiaomi claims that the 200W fast charging technology can charge the 4000mAh battery from zero to 100 percent charge in just 8 minutes.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro modified

Xiaomi modified the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro smartphone with a 4,000mAh battery, which got 10 percent charged in just 44 seconds.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro modified

this phone was charged 50 percent and 100 percent in three minutes, this phone was charged in just 7 minutes and 57 seconds.

200W fast charging test Done

200W fast charging test was done by Xiaomi in a control environment center.

iQOO 10 Pro Come with 200W fast charging

iQOO has already confirmed that it is going to introduce the iQOO 10 Pro smartphone with 200W fast charging.