PMV EaS-E Cheap Electric Car Launched Just Rs 4 lakh, Book Only Rs.2000

Launched at Rs 4 lakh, EaS-E electric car will be made in India and manufactured by Mumbai start-up PMV Electric.

PMV EaS-E Cheap Electric Car Launch in July 2022

Now it seems that the days of expensive electric cars are about to get old. Next month i.e. in July itself, the electric car is going launched in India.

Purpose Of Making PMV EaS-E Car

The purpose of making a PMV EaS-E car is to give an electric car to the Indian public at a cheap price.

PMV EaS-E Car Price in India

The aim of the car manufacturers is to keep the starting price of PMV EaS-E cheap electric car close to Rs 4 lakh.

200 km Range in Full Charge

The EaS-E will be a two-seater micro electric car that can seat two people. It is being told that once fully charged, this car can be run for 200 kilometers.

Battery and Motor

This electric car will get a 10kWh lithium iron phosphate battery and a 15 kW (20 bhp) PMSM electric motor.

PMV EaS-E Electric Car Top Speed

The top speed of the PMV EaS-E Electric Car will be 70 kilometers per hour.


Along with the power of the interior, PMV EaS-E cheap electric car is also quite stylish to look at.


Advanced Features like large glass area, multi-spoke alloy, LED taillamp, touchscreen infotainment system, cruise control, parking assistant along with remote keyless entry have also been made

Booked Price Only Rs 2000

Its launch in India in July, PMV EaS-E electric car can be booked by paying token money of just Rs 2,000.