Horrible Drop Crypto Market, Save your Money

Recently, bitcoin, the biggest player in the crypto market, closed at its lowest level around Rs 17.55 lakh.

Cryptocurrency Investment Tips 2022

If you want to invest in crypto or have already invested in crypto and want to avoid losses, then we have brought some such tips for you.

Crypto Market Downturn

The prices of bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies have been falling for the past several days.

Federal Reserve Bank of America increase interest rates

It is feared that the Federal Reserve Bank of America may increase its interest rates to control inflation.

How to avoid loss?

At present, the entire crypto market is falling down. Don’t panic in such conditions. Staying in one place can save you a lot of damage.

How to avoid loss?

The size of the cryptocurrency market is quite small. Along with this, volatility in crypto is also high.

New investors choose SIP

investing over a period of time with an investment structure like a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a better option.

New investors choose SIP

Platforms such as Bitbns, Unocoin, Vault, and Zebpay allow you to invest via SIP on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

How much to invest in crypto market

If you are troubled by the high-risk factor of the crypto market, then you should invest only 2% of your total investment in the crypto market.

How much to invest in crypto market

Keep in mind that investments are made for profit. In such a situation, do not book profits in regular time.