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Ways to Learn and Memorize Things Faster

What is learning? Is it the number of hours you sit through a lecture? What of the number of books and academic materials you read?


Learning is how much you retain for use in the future. For example, you will learn a new language, route, skill, and such other elements of life.

For learning to take place, the information must be committed to memory. It makes it easier to retrieve this information when the need arises, like during a test, exam, presentation, or such other occasions.

While hundreds of people sit through lectures or read through books, only a few can remember what they learned. Failure to learn and memorize can be attributedto individual knowledge acquisition habits.

Why is memory important?

Before getting to learning and memorization habits, you might want to understand why memory is so important. It also helps to know that the speed of learning is an asset as well. Why do you need to learn faster and retain the information in your memory longer?

  • Learning faster means that you can cover more materials in a short time. You avoid spending all your years in the library or reading through documents.
  • Speed when learning helps you during exams. Considering that exams are timed, it is in your interest to comprehend faster and use most of your time to deliver compelling answers.
  • A faster learner will be an asset to any employer. It will take less time to peruse through documents and extract beneficial information. It means that the turn-around-time for projects will be reduced.
  • A good memory will help you to ace that exam or test without a lot of time wasted on revision. This will also boost your performance.
  • An employee with a good memory will avoid expensive errors at work.

Whether you are a student, an employee, or even at a personal level, the ability to learn and memorize faster will transform your fortunes. Some people will be born with excellent memories. Others have to learn the hard way. However, everyone can improve his or her learning and memorization speed. How is this possible?

Here are a few tips from acemyhomework on how to learn and memorize faster.

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  • Have A Reason

Along the way to school, work, or office, you meet a lot of people and situations. However, they are not important to you. That is why you do not even notice that they exist.

Learning and memory also follow a similar trend. If you have a reason to learn and memorize, your body, as well as the mind, will take up the task of understanding and committing to memory.

It explains the need to set goals whenever you settle down to study or read through a report. You must have specific goals you wish to achieve. In the absence of a reason or goal, you will just be reading through paragraphs and pages.

  • Repeat Enthusiastically

An individual forgets 70% of what is learned with a day. By the sixth day, a lot more is lost.

You might have nothing on your mind by the time you sit for a test!

To avoid such catastrophic scenarios, you should reread whatever you learned yesterday. Repetition commits the information to memory better than when you are reading for the first time.

Now, repeating a passage feels like hearing the same joke all over again! It will not be any fun anymore. So, what do you do?

Add some enthusiasm to your revision. Revisit the notes or documents with a purpose. You may also try such tricks as revising in a different environment or using different content formats. The information will be easier to remember.

  • Personalize Learning

You were probably not borne to sit through lengthy lecturers. Try reading the books or materials provided and generating your notes.

Learning experts confirm that each individual has a unique learning habit. Do not try to be like your friends who rarely take notes or have piles of revision books. Monitor the habits that help you to learn faster and with ease. Use these habits repeatedly.

Throw away the notes provided by your tutor! They will cause you to fail. Instead, create own notes that could be heavily summarized or made of photos. Such personalized learning makes it easier to remember during a test or when you have to apply the knowledge.

  • Understand What You Learn

Why do astronauts go to space? You can be sure that it is not for fun! If you understand why they endanger their lives, physics could be easier.

Do not read through formulas or lengthy texts. Ask questions like where you will apply that information. Begin to visualize its application. This is similar to having a mental purpose.

For instance, the reason for getting good grades will push you to enhance your effort in class. It means that learning is not just taking place for exams or the completion of a project.

  • Apply or Practice

Do you have a chance to practice whatever you have learned? Take it up and see the outcome. For instance, chemistry students conduct experiments in the laboratory. Literature students write plays, poems, and stories. As you practice, apply the lesson learned. The ideas and lessons will stick to your mind longer when you practice.

What do you do if you cannot practice? Visit a place where such knowledge is being applied. If you are taking a history lesson, for example, a tour of a museum will help you to understand evolution.

  • Use Quality Learning Materials

The pace at which you learn and the quantity of information retained will also depend on the learning materials used. Quality resources are designed professionally to assist students in the learning process. The organization of such materials and presentation make learning easier. Such information is also easy to remember during a test or presentation.


Since individuals have unique learning and memory abilities, you must understand your capacity and identify areas where you can improve. The quality of materials you use and the environment will determine how fast you learn. Do not get tired of repeating. The best learners have walked that path.

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