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Upcoming iPhone 13 will get 9.6Gbps Internet Speed

WiFi 6E support can be given in Apple’s upcoming iPhone 13 lineup. This new Wi-Fi technology will be a standard feature on iOS and Android smartphones next year. In such a situation, the Apple WiFi 6E feature can be given in the iPhone 13 model. New WiFi technology users will get better speed and connectivity than before. It is being claimed in the report that this feature can be given in the Haier model. However, you must have a new 6GHz WiFi 6E router to use this feature.

What is WiFi 6E?

Till now you must have heard about two bands of WiFi – 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Compared to Wi-Fi in the 2.4GHz band, routers in the 5GHz band offer more speed and connectivity. Now the new WiFi technology WiFi 6E will support the band of 6GHz. In this band, users will get more data speed than before. However, for this, your Wi-Fi network should also be based on WiFi 6E.

This speed will also depend on the speed of your broad plan. But if data is being transferred using a data WiFi network, then the speed will be much faster than the current 5Hz bank. Along with speed, the new Wi-Fi technology will also offer better connectivity and stability. Talking about the specifications, WiFi with 5GHz and 6GHz bands will get a top speed of 9.6Gbps. This is the highest speed currently available with WiFi 6. At present, commercial Internet service providers cannot provide such speed data. The problem is not the speed but the availability of the blink spectrum.

Upcoming iPhone 13 – High Speed Internet and Data Transfer

Users will get four times more bandwidth in 6GHz WiFi 6E as compared to 5GHz WiFi. That is, with its help, high-speed internet and data transfer can be enjoyed in smartphones with better connectivity and stability. Along with this, users will get much better voice quality during WiFi calling. As we have mentioned earlier, for the amazing speed, connectivity, and stability of WiFi 6E, you must have a router that offers 6Hz broadcast connectivity.



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