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Samsung to Come Up with Dual Foldable Display Design

Samsung Dual Screen Phone With Foldable Display

Samsung Dual Screen Phone: Well, it all started in 2014 when foldable displays were mentioned as futuristic tech trends for the first time. People may have forgotten the concept as four years is like four hundred or four thousand years in the tech domain. But, finally, it seems possible that we will find handheld consumer devices with flexible or foldable displays in the year 2019.

You may raise a question: What makes us so sure about it? Well, the global tech giant Samsung has already brought its prototype in SDC 2018, its annual developer conference. Other smartphone manufacturers also plan to launch a dual screen phones with flexible displays. What’s more, Google is also working on making its UI flexible enough in line with this concept. All these factors indicate that we are going to have handheld devices with foldable displays soon!

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Unlimited Possibilities to be Unleashed

Foldable displays can open the doors for unlimited design possibilities. The clamshell is one of the tried and true design concepts for the same. Talking about Samsung, this South Korean tech company has patented various foldable designs so far. It has put the request for one such design patent to the US patent office (USPTO) back in June 2016.

At first, this design may appear weird and insignificant. It looks like someone has joined three handsets together, but if we closely examine it we can find that the foldable design has the potential to bring radical changes in the traditional design concepts.

Though we can see the presence of a camera module along with a Type-C port, we can assume that the design is made for the smartphone, but then, it is difficult to bind the foldable displays in a particular category. So yes, we may find consumer devices with such displays in the near future. Broadly, the design concept is- the device will have a big, equal-size display on both sides. The central portion will bigger to hold electronics and a big battery.

Altogether, we will have a usable device that we can hold in one hand. Samsung may consider integrating a hidden earpiece design along with other technological advancements like an Infinity-O panel. What we get is a cool triple-piece device with one or two cameras in the collapsed state. However, we can access the main camera at least after one unfold. If you want to take a selfie, you can readily use the rear panel. In other words, you can take selfies with the main camera thanks to this design. Additionally, you’ll have double-screen real estate in front of you as you unfold it once.

How does the Device Look Like?

When we fully unfold the device, it gives a ‘huge’ screen real estate, which is way more than the most modern tablets. Though it is a bit early to assume the size of the display, we can certainly mention that the trendy extra-tall display design will prevail in the foldable pattern as well. Manufacturers will also provide extra vertical scroll space as well with such devices.

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Hey, but let’s face it! Samsung and other device manufacturers keep on applying various designs for a patent on a regular basis. There is no guarantee whether they will utilize all these design patterns. But, for the foldable display, yes, Samsung has leaked some info about it with the name Infinity Flex Display.

The dual foldable smartphone may have a 4.58” external display and a tablet-like 7.3” internal display. With 5G support and other advanced features, the phone is expected to cost around $1700. However, we need to wait to know the exact size, features, and cost until the device is launched officially.

Rumors are in the air that the dual-fold display is expected to launch in February or March 2019 along with a trio of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S10. Even if the trio does not contain the foldable display, we can certainly predict that it will steal the show! It is also possible that we will have a demo at MWC (Mobile World Congress) event in February before its final launch in March.

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