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Which compact SUV is best for our roads out of the new Maruti Vitara Brezza and Tata Nexon 2020

Best Compact SUV 2020

Every year the monsoon wreaks havoc on our road infrastructure and this means that we get flooded roads and pits from anywhere. In such a situation, our cars should have the ability to pass water even through bad roads or roads. Of course, large 4×4 SUVs can pass these most easily but what about compact SUVs? Best Compact SUVs are becoming quite popular, but are they just hatchbacks with ground clearance or will they be able to handle some of the worst roads? So to answer that we have taken this year’s newest compact SUV for a tuff fight so that they can handle the monsoon hit roads. Our aim is to see if these cars can be called SUVs or not!

For this, we have chosen the compact SUV, the new Maruti Vitara Brezza and Tata Nexon 2020. Both are present in their petrol manual variants here. The reason for choosing petrol Best compact SUV 2020 is quite easy to see as they are becoming quite popular among traditional diesel lovers. So we will see if the petrol compact SUV can give you performance if the traction or the surface is a bit loose. Keep in mind that we did not do hardcore off-roading, but we took them through some bumpy paths and water wading to see them.

Tata Nexon

Let’s start with the new Tata Nexon and while its look has changed, it has now been added as an SUV. However, today we are more interested in its suspension and performance. Nexon gets a slight update in terms of power and makes its 1.2 turbo petrol with 120 Bhp and 170Nm power. Its ground clearance is 209 mm. The new BS6 petrol turbo is quite refined and easy, with both the clutch and gear shift being light. We took Nexon through a few dug and pit roads, where the suspension did all this for most of the time.

Despite not having a diesel engine or a 4×4, Nexon’s petrol had decent torque to make it perform after digging and passing through some parts. Mostly we put it in third gear and the engine took it. The ground clearance and suspension were surprising because when we took it through flooded roads, it handled them easily and with compact ground clearance we had to avoid hard surfaces with no scratches. The compact visibility and compact size of compact SUVs help them to go on roads or places where large SUVs get stuck. We also took Nexon to clay surfaces and loose gravel. On the flip side, the ride on the Nexon becomes a bit bouncy and the suspension is not flat or takes all the bad roads where you can feel something difficult. The mileage did not decrease during our test run and it was in double digits and the trim inside it or the car was stable.

Maruti Vitara Brezza

We then moved to the Maruti Vitara Brezza. It has been a hugely successful car for Maruti in which diesel has been very successful, but now with a new 1.5L petrol, how good is the Brezza handling rough stuff? The engine makes 104 bhp and 138Nm, while it is not turbo petrol, the power extends well and you don’t have to constantly downshift. Its ground clearance is slightly less than 198 mm but a relatively well set up approach and departure angle helps it. Its water wading capacity was surprisingly good, but as previously stated, the petrol engine lacked torque in the turbo. Its 1.5l petrol was quite efficient on the run, while its traction was daunting in terms of stability on loose surfaces or mud.

Both Nexon and Brezza had road-biased tires and all stocks were top-end petrol manuals. We found that both are surprisingly capable due to their compact size and light size which helps push through floodwaters or poor surfaces. On the other hand, there is a slight roughness on bumpy roads on both sides, but their ground clearance or approach/departure angle are surprisingly good. Thus, to answer the question that we are ready to answer, the Nexon and Brezza compact SUVs are more capable than those roads you can think of.

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