New Electric Conversion Kit For Hero Splendor, Run 150 km On Full Charge

New Electric Conversion Kit For Hero Splendor

Hero Splendor is one of the most fuel-efficient motorcycles that is discussed in the Indian two-wheeler market. The price and maintenance cost of this bike is so low that it fits into the budget of the common man. But since the last few weeks, the price of petrol has increased so much that the common man thinks many times before taking the bike out of the house. But this news may excite you.

The demand and sales of electric cars and bikes are increasing in India. Due to this, many automakers as well as new startups have joined this segment. There are some startups in this, which are offering conversion kits to convert conventional fuel-powered vehicles to electric. Using this kit, you can convert your old car or bike into an electric car or electric bike. Hero Splendor is known only for mileage, but after installing a new electric conversion kit in the market, your savings will increase further as the company claims.

Hero Splendor Bike Will Run On Battery

GoGoA1 is an Indian startup company that has developed an electric conversion kit for Hero Splendor, the hugely popular bike in India. This startup is located in the Thane district of Maharashtra. Customers who are about to buy a new Hero Splendor or have an old Splendor bike and want to avoid the cost of petrol, then they now have the option to save money by installing an electric kit in their bike. The use of this electric kit has also been approved by the RTO.

New Electric Conversion Kit Price

This EV conversion kit includes a motor and battery pack. These have been launched at different prices. The RTO-approved 17 inches 2000W brushless hub motor launched by the company is priced at Rs 35,000. The 72V 40ah capacity battery pack costs Rs 50,000, which you will have to buy separately. However, the cost of installing an electric conversion kit on the bike will be more. You will also have to buy a 72V 10amp charger, which will cost Rs 15,606. 18 percent GST will also have to be paid on this, which comes to a total of Rs 16,309. In this way, you will have to pay a total of Rs 1,06,915 for the complete kit. Customers can book it online through the company’s website.

Run 150 km On Full Charge

Hero Splendor Electric will cost a lot with the electric kit. However, it will be like a one-time investment, which will reduce the cost of running the bike later. 3 years warranty is being given with this electric kit. According to the report, GoGoA1 claims that once the battery is fully charged after installing this electric kit, the Hero Splendor bike will be able to cover a distance of up to 151 km. This kit is fitted with a 2000W brushless hub motor and the battery pack capacity is 72V 40ah.

Is Electric Conversion Kit Profitable?

At the current time in the Indian two-wheeler market, major automakers have not launched electric versions of their popular bikes. In such a situation, the startup company GoGoA1 has presented an attractive option in front of the people. But it seems like an expensive deal. Because apart from the price of this kit, the cost of buying the Splendor bike will also have to be paid separately. Along with Revolt Electric Bikes, many electric scooters are being sold in India.

Revolt RV400 Electric Bike Available

The Revolt RV400 electric bike is quite popular. The Revolt RV400 electric bike gives a driving range of 150 km on a single charge and has a top speed of 85kmph. Many smart connectivity features are available in this bike, which is attracting the youth towards them. After the subsidy from the states, its price comes down considerably. Apart from this, many companies including Hero, Bajaj, and Yamaha, Honda will launch their electric motorcycles in the coming time.

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