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How To Start Waste Aluminum Recycling Business?

The waste aluminum recycling business has some great potential if done in the right way. Our today’s post is to tell you about the aluminum can recycling process, cost estimation in setting up a recycling plant, and profit margin information in this business. An aluminum can is a cylindrical-shaped container used to store foods and beverages.

We see around us that while buying foods like Coke or Pepsi, soft drinks, chocolate milk, ghee, oils, packaged foods, and chemicals, an aluminum can is definitely used. A total of 180 billion aluminum cans are produced annually globally. Most of the cans used are made from recycled aluminum and not primary aluminum.

Aluminum waste is considered one of the most valuable wastes in the world. In one report it was said that Americans throw away aluminum cans worth about $1 billion. Aluminum recycling companies in United States spend about $800 billion per year on recycled aluminum because the recycled aluminum industry is diverse.

How To Setup Waste Aluminum Recycling Business?

It is very important to take care of the things related to them before starting any business, whether it is big or small. What do you need for a small or large-scale business? How much will you invest in all these and after that how much profit will you earn from it? It is very important for you to know all these things because all this information will be very beneficial for you in starting your business.

  • Place
  • Machines
  • Raw Material
  • Investment
  • Worker
  • GST Number
  • Electricity and Water
  • Marketing
  • Profit

Aluminium Recycled Step By Step?

Aluminum Recycling Business Place

An open and ventilated room is essential where you will set up your recycling machine. It should have proper safety standards, electrical connections, ventilation openings, technical support and other necessary equipment. Along with this, you also need a good place to keep your Recycled Products and Waste Products which need recycling.

Recycling aluminum does not require much space. 100 square feet of space is enough to operate an aluminum can recycling plant. You can also start your own recycling plant at your home after taking NOC from the concerned authorities.

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Aluminum Recycling Machine

Various types of machines are used to start the aluminum recycling business, whose prices are several lakh rupees. Therefore, while buying machines, it is very important to work very carefully and wisely to avoid fraud. While purchasing the machines, their comparative analysis must be done and after that, the supplier should be selected. The names of some of the major machines used in this business are as follows:-

Baler Compressor: A baler compressor is a hydraulic machine that compresses aluminum. These bins are compressed using a baler into a square-shaped thick and heavy solid containing thousands of cans.
Smelter: A smelter is used to smelt aluminum in a smelter. This brings out the pure aluminum while removing the bulk which is the unwanted waste material associated with the aluminum can.
Furnace: This is where the aluminum waste is heated to a temperature of 750 °C.
Sheet Maker: After the aluminum is melted it is shaped as required, usually it is drawn into sheets.

Aluminum Recycling Business Raw Material

If we start a business in which any item is manufactured, then there is definitely a need for raw material in it. But our post today is a waste aluminum can that will be recycled as a product to be sold further. To supply the raw materials in its business, you’ll need to work closely with local scrap pickers, who also pick up aluminum cans sold at relatively high rates compared to other waste such as paper or plastic. For this, you can approach the scrap officials near the dumping ground who can provide you aluminum based on your requirement. For this, you need a good amount of investment.

Aluminum Recycling Business Investment

There are many types of machines inside it and the rates of all are also different. Investment depends on these too, after that machine has to be bought to start this business at a good level and to keep stock, building for everything then electricity, water facility, and raw material, vehicles, different investments for all. have to do

Capital investment depends on the resources required, expertise, manpower, technical gadgets, machinery, and miscellaneous items. Based on their location one can calculate the cost of the recycling plant, infrastructure, and space for use of all these. You will have to spend a huge amount on the whole system of making a recycled can. The other investment will come in arranging expertise, technicians, and workers. You can calculate their salary on monthly basis. The next thing is packaging recycled products and transporting them to the market.
Cost: – 30 Lakh To 1 Crore Rupees.

Aluminum Recycling Business Workers

The requirement of employees in the business is determined by looking at the level of the business because you should think completely about how big or small you want to keep the business. If you do big business then you will need more people in it, in which everyone’s work will be different. If you start from a small level then you will need fewer people and on the other hand, if you do it on a big level then you will need more people for this. It is obvious that for recycling and manufacturing aluminum you will need some experts, engineers, and technicians apart from workers. It is very important to have all of these at work.

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GST Number for Aluminum Recycling Business

While starting any business, it is very important to complete the paperwork, in the same way, to start the recycling business, it also includes taking permission from the concerned authorities:-

  • environmental authority
  • recycling authority
  • local municipality
  • permission from industrial authority
  • registering a business
  • Register as GST Taxpayer
  • water tax
  • transportation fee
  • packaging fee
  • electricity tax etc.

Aluminum Recycling Business Electricity and Water

While starting the business, it is very important for you to have a proper electricity connection and water for that. Wherever you set up your recycling plant, there should be a regular supply of electricity as lack of it can hamper the production of your recycling plant. Make sure to have a proper supply of clean water for your recycling work. Cleaning waste aluminum cans requires a good amount of water. You may also need to take special permission from the water authority for this as it may use more water than you expect.

Aluminum Recycling Business Marketing

Marketing is very important for this business, without this it will not be easy to run this business. You will need to print cards to advertise your business. With this, you can supply cans to already running companies and newly opened and opened companies. Once you get to know the companies in the market, after that the company itself will start placing orders for you.

Aluminum Recycling Profit

This is such a business whose demand in the market remains the same throughout the year and the profit margin in this business is also very high. As we all know that in today’s time there will be no family in which there is no product or box made of aluminum. Aluminum has reached every home today. Whether it is any beverage or food item or any other product used at home, aluminum has taken its hold in everything. If you are starting a business then you can understand the benefits of this.

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