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Today’s market features more and more businesses transferring their services online. What self-respecting company still does not have its website or social media? Leading business online is now possible through:

  • a website;
  • social media;
  • messaging applications.

Multiple accounts are helpful in various business solutions, for example:

  • gathering data;
  • analysis of the market;
  • monitoring your competitors;
  • scraping and parsing;
  • mass-liking, mass-following and mass-posting etc.

It is necessary to have multiple accounts on each platform for different purposes.

Since you cannot use one phone directory for the same platform twice, virtual SIM card online services become your best friends in multiple account creation. Online directories are used like regular SIMs, but they are virtual SIMs. You do not need to insert them into your smartphone.

With a great variety of such services, it is hard to determine which one is most suitable for you. Here are some pieces of advice. Go-to virtual numb service is a service which:

  • protects you;
  • has a good choice of countries and numbs;
  • offers free trials;
  • delivers messages promptly;
  • waits for you 24/7.

To make this article even more helpful for the search of go-to online SIM providers, here is the list of top services.

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This accommodation is suitable for business. It has global coverage. This company offers to try their services for free. The prices start from $0.005 per message. You do not need any additional software to work with MessageBird. You will be highly protected by the company in consideration. Their client support will be waiting for you at any time 24/7.


This provider is a perfect solution for business. OnlineSIM protects your data and saves you from the ban. It boasts 10,000 virtual directories from over 30 countries around our globe. It is possible to try OnlineSIM numbs for free. When you are assured of their quality, you can choose from rentable directories (for getting messages from any website) and SMS receiving directories (for getting messages from one website). The delivery speed is high. Customer support is ready to help you around the clock.


This is another provider that will help you to lead the business successfully. Featuring global coverage, Click send has a free trial consisting of 50 free messages and has a loyal price policy. Your data will be protected by the provider. In case any issues arise, feel free to contact their 24/7 client support.

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