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Genesis GV60 Smart Car Launched With Face Connect technology

Genesis GV60 Smart Car Launched

The Genesis GV60, the luxury vehicle division of Hyundai Motor Group, has announced a new technology for smart cars that are making a lot of noise. Actually, the company has added a new feature Face Connect Technology to open the door of the car. Under which now the door of the car will open as soon as the person’s face is recognized and the key will not be needed for this.

Genesis says that the new technology will help customers personalize their vehicles, leading to a better driving experience. According to the company, this new technology is very cool and provides better convenience than wristbands or entering a PIN code. Genesis said the technology will soon make its way into its vehicle portfolio. According to the company, this vehicle will be available in the market from the beginning of the year 2022.

All settings will be adjusted automatically

The car seat, steering wheel, head-up display (HUD), side mirrors, and infotainment settings will be automatically adjusted as soon as the driver is recognized through Face Connect technology. In this technology, a Near Infra-Red (NIR) camera has been used, which will work even in the dark and will be able to detect whether the face is already registered in the system or not. The biggest thing is that even if you forget the key while leaving the house, it doesn’t matter because your face is enough to open it.

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Fingerprint authentication system also facility

A new fingerprint authentication system allows Genesis GV60 drivers to start the vehicle using a biometric scanner. This means you can leave the key inside the car and go out for a walk. And on return, you can open the door of the vehicle using only your face and fingerprint.

The company wants to dominate the auto sector by introducing new technology. In terms of smart and cost-effective technology, the Genesis GV60 can outperform many companies in the future.

Dharamveer Singh
Dharamveer Singh
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