Corseca Solitaire and Superflexx Neckband Launched in India

Corseca Solitaire and Superflexx Neckband Launched in India

Just Corseca has launched two new neckbands in India which include Solitaire and Superflexx. 25 hours of backup has been claimed regarding the battery of these neckbands. Magnetic interlocking has been provided with both the neckbands, with the help of which both the buds stick together when not in use. The company has claimed heavy bass regarding Solitaire and Superflexx.

Solitaire Neckband Features and Price

Bluetooth V5.0 has been given with Solitaire Wireless Neckband. This neckband is sweatproof. It also has noise cancellation and noise isolation. With this HiFi stereo sound will be available. The neckband is backed by a 400mAh battery with power management technology.

The battery life is claimed to have a backup of 25 hours and the standby is claimed to be 300 hours. The most important thing about this neckband is that the MicroSD card has also been supported with it. Can be bought in this black color. It will get a USB Type-C port for charging. The price of Just Corseca Solitaire is Rs 3,299

Superflexx Neckband Price and Features

This is designed very lightweight. Its exterior is quite flexible. Steel core has been given with Superflexx, which has been claimed for a better fit. It is backed by a 130mAh battery with a claimed standby of 150 hours. Noise cancellation has also been given in this.

It also has an LED indicator. High-quality audio and crystal clear audio is claimed about this neckband. It has a micro USB charging port with it. The price of Just Corseca Superflexx is Rs 2,999. It also comes with a one-year warranty.

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