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Big cyber attack between Russia and Ukraine war, internet stalled for thousands of users in Europe

Big cyber attack between Russia and Ukraine war

There is news of the biggest cyberattack ever between Russia and Ukraine. After this attack, the internet of thousands of users in many cities of Europe has been shut down. According to Orange, after a major cyberattack on Viasat on February 24 last month, the internet connection of about 9,000 users of its satellite internet service Nordnet in France has been cut. Remind you that on February 24, Russia started the war with Ukraine.

Another satellite internet service provider big blu has also confirmed that a third of its 40,000 users in Europe, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, and Poland have lost their internet. Please note that Eutelsat is the parent company of big blu. It is suspected that these users are also affected by the attack on Viasat. Viasat said there has been a partial network outage in Ukraine and elsewhere in Europe since a cyberattack.

Viasat has not given detailed information about this attack. The company says that the police and state partners have been informed and are investigating the matter. The head of the French Space Command, General Michel Friedling, said that the cyber attack has happened.

Viasat said in a statement that the satellite network, especially covering Europe and Ukraine, was attacked, after which thousands of satellite terminals were disabled. The attack has also shut down some 5,800 wind turbines of 11 gigawatts in Germany and Central Europe.

Let us tell you that there have been cyberattacks on Ukraine’s parliament and other government and banking websites. After the attack, hackers have also inserted malware into government sites and bank computers. The attack was confirmed by ESET Research Labs only. The lab said it detected data-wiping malware (deleting data) on a Ukrainian computer. The lab claimed that many large organizations of Ukraine have also been targeted in this attack.



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