BattleGrounds Mobile India Ban raised voice, said PUBG has been renamed as BGMI

BattleGrounds Mobile India

The name of PUBG Mobile i.e. Players Unknown BattleGrounds is one of the most hit mobile games in India. People of almost all ages used to play this game. After this app was found to be linked to the Chinese government, the Indian government had banned PUBG in India in the interest of the country’s security. After the PUBG Ban, the developers created a new game Battlegrounds Mobile India for special Indian users, which has been well-liked. But now there has been a discussion about BGMI that the strings of this game are also related to China and BGMI should be banned in India.

An NGO Prahar has filed an application before the government regarding BGMI Ban. This NGO says that the makers of PUBG Mobile have tried to mislead the Indian government. The company has relaunched PUBG Mobile in India with a new name and now it is trapping Indians under the name BGMI. On behalf of the NGO, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has been told that the connection of the BGMI game is also in China and this game is also being controlled by the same company which made PUBG Mobiles and launched it in India.

BGMI’s strings are connected to Chinese government

It is worth noting that Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has been brought to India under the banner of Krafton. It is said that most of the control of the Crofton brand is in the hands of the Chinese company Tencent. In such a situation, there is not much difference between BGMI and PUBG Mobile. Not only this, the board council members of the banned PUBG and the current BGMI team are the same. The NGO says that these two are not separate games, but the company has just changed the name of PUBG Mobile to BGMI. There is a demand of the NGO, just as PUBG Mobile was banned in the country, in the same way, BGMI should also be banned in India.

Security-conscious BGMI

Let us tell you that Battlegrounds Mobile India, surrounded by doubts, seems to be very cautious from the beginning regarding its gameplay and the privacy and security of gamers. According to the game developers, their team is taking full care that there is no problem like hacking or cheating in the game. The rules have also been kept very strict by the company and every month the accounts of mobile gamers who violate these rules are also being permanently blocked and banned by BGMI. Game developers are keeping a close watch on their active accounts against the rules of the game including cheating and hacking.

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