Here Are 5 Special Features Of The New Mercedes EQS Car

2022 Mercedes EQS Car: Automobile company Mercedes-Benz has officially introduced its much-awaited flagship electric sedan New Mercedes EQS car. The company claims that this electric car is the future of luxury personal mobility. Mercedes is touting its all-electric car EQS as a benchmark. The company says that other automakers will have to rise to this level, as it is the S-Class of electric vehicles. There are some very powerful features in this car.

Here Are 5 Special Features Of New Mercedes EQS Car (2022).

  1. 55-Inch Screen: The New Mercedes EQS Car dashboard features a large screen that extends from one side of the car to the other. The screen is named MBUX Hyperscreen which is 55 inches long. It is also larger than the commonly sold television set in the world. It has a 17.7-inch central screen. It also has a 12.3-inch digital display for the driver and front passenger. It can also be enjoyed to watch the film.
  2. Engine Power and Speed: The New Mercedes EQS car has two battery packs with a choice of 90 kWh or high-performance 107.8 kWh. The second battery option claims to be more advanced than most other batteries and has 12 modules of around 9 kWh. Mercedes is claiming that the EQS can cover a distance of about 700 kilometers in full charging once driving under ideal conditions and with proper driving skills. The reason for this car is 2.5-ton. This car can achieve a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in just 4.5 seconds.
  3. Supercomputer In The Car: The New Mercedes EQS car is as powerful as a supercomputer, and is superior to other electric cars. This car has an octa-core CPU and 24 GB RAM for computing work. In addition, a number of sensors have been placed around the EQS which will send a lot of data to assist the driver as well as help the Artificial Intelligence System.
  4. Navigation System: Mercedes has called the car’s navigation system electric intelligence. Because the car’s system also takes into account the driving style and speed of the car driver, keeping an eye on the topography and weather patterns of the area. This will make it easy to find out how much distance the car will be able to cover once on full charging. And it can notify the driver in time. After which the system can navigate the car to the nearest charging station.
  5. Efficient Cars: The New Mercedes EQS car is the world’s highest aerodynamic production car. This electric car has a drag coefficient of just 0.20Cd. Explain that the updated Tesla Model S has 0.208Cd and Lucid Air has this figure of 0.21. Mercedes’ 2021 S-Class has a drag coefficient of 0.22Cd. The front of this car is quite low. Also, EQS has achieved this figure due to cooling ducts and air shutters.

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2022 Mercedes EQS Car All Features

Mercedes-Benz EQS450 Mercedes-Benz EQS580
Battery 107.8 kWh 107.8 kWh
Power 329 hp 516 hp
Torque 406 lb-ft 611 lb-ft
Driveline Rear-wheel drive All-wheel drive
0-60 mph 5.5 seconds 4.1 seconds
Top speed 130 mph 130 mph
Wheelbase 126.4 inches 126.4 inches
Length 205.4 inches 205.4 inches
Width 75.8 inches 75.8 inches
Height 59.5 inches 59.5 inches

Higher Energy Batteries

With ranges, as much as 770 kilometers (WLTP) and a yield of up to 385 kW the powertrain of the EQS likewise meets each assumption for a reformist cantina in the S-Class section. A presentation form with up to 560 kW is being arranged.
All EQS models have an electric powertrain (eATS) at the back hub, while the adaptations with 4MATIC likewise have an eATS at the front hub.
2022 Mercedes EQS Car Batteries
The New Mercedes EQS Car denotes the dispatch of another age of batteries with fundamentally higher energy thickness. The bigger of the two batteries has a usable energy substance of 107.8 kWh. That is around 26% more than the New Mercedes EQS Car. The creative battery the board programming created in-house permits refreshes over the air (OTA).

Thusly, the energy of the executive’s framework stays cutting-edge for the duration of the existence cycle. Regarding cell science, the cobalt substance of the cathodes has been diminished to 10%.

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