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5 Best Free Apps to Manage Your Personal Finance: Complete Financial Planning

Finance may be one of the most important areas of life because it directly affects our perceived level of fulfillment in the short term, midterm, and long term. There may be times when you think all is well with your finances, but consciously or unconsciously, if it’s negatively impacting your life, then there are steps to take to bring things back under control.

Managing your personal finance is one of the most challenging things. When it comes to managing your money, you have a lot of choices out there. But In this blog, we will talk about some of the best financial apps available in the market.

About Personal Finance and its Importance

Personal finance is one of the most important things you need to understand. It doesn’t matter how much time or effort you put into your career, you’re not going to get anywhere unless you know the basics of personal finance.

Personal finance is the management of money that allows individuals, families, and businesses to attain their goals while minimizing risk. Understanding your personal finances is essential to growing wealth. Regardless of whether your goal is early retirement, financial independence, earning more money, or just being able to stop worrying about paying the bills every month, you have to learn to use basic financial wisdom.

Here are the Top 5 Best Apps:-

Groww – Stocks, Demat, Mutual Fund, SIP

Groww is India’s fastest-growing platform for wealth management. It was started in 2017 by former Flipkart employees. The platform has since attracted over 2 million users, highlighting its impressive growth trajectory.

Through Grow app, you can easily invest in Mutual Funds, Stocks & Digital Gold. The app allows investors to buy and sell mutual funds, make SIPs without charging them any commission fee. The transparency and simplicity of the app are its key USP.

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Features of Grow app-

  • Minimalistic & User-friendly
  • Zero charges & fees
  • Live Price Movements
  • SIP feature
  • Invest with just Rs.500
  • 128 bit SSL Encryption
  • Elegantly designed line & candlestick charts
  • Latest finance news and insights

Krypto – Bitcoin, Crypto Trading Exchange India

Crypto Market is booming and everyone wants to invest their money into cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is an advanced form of digital payment system which is completely decentralized and works as an online medium of exchange.

Krypto is one of the finest crypto exchange platforms which offers buy/sell, trade, send and Pay cryptocurrencies. The app is user-friendly and secure to start your crypto investment journey.

Krypto offers plenty of cool features which makes it better & stands on the top. Krypto app has a 0% trading fee, 24/7 customer support & daily assured free cryptocurrencies. The app is developed for both beginner & pro-crypto investors.

Krypto has one unique & cool feature called Krypto Pay which lets its users to Scan & pay with cryptocurrencies. With this feature, you can easily pay to any shop, pay bills, and do any kind of UPI payment for free. With just Rs.100, you can start your 1st crypto investment through this app.

Features of Krypto App:-

  • Appealing UI & user-friendly
  • 0% Trading Fee
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Scan & Pay with Cryptocurrencies
  • Send Cryptocurrencies
  • Invest with just Rs.100
  • Daily Free Rewards
  • Beginner & Pro Mode

INDmoney : US Stocks, Mutual Funds, FD

Is your dream to invest in World’s Top global or US companies? Now, it’s possible to invest in the US market by sitting in India through INDmoney app. INDMoney was designed to make it easy to keep track of all your finances in one place, no matter how many accounts you have.

The INDMoney app will track all your investments in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. It will also track your credit card details, loans, expenses, and even taxes. The app allows you easily invest in the US stock market. Mutual funds and others. Also, they will reward you if you maintain good financial habits.

Through this app, you’ll be able to get a clearer picture of your financial situation and make better investment decisions. Through the INDmoney app, you can easily track your net worth over time and ensure it’s been increasing along with your investments.

Features of INDMoney:-

  • Zero Fees & Charges
  • Free US Stocks account
  • Participate in US IPO’s
  • Daily & weekly portfolio analysis 
  • Invest in Mutual Funds, FD, and stocks
  • Exciting Rewards

Money View Money Manager

Money View Money Manager
Tracking expenses is one toughest thing. But thanks to the Money view money manager app, it helps you to manage & track your expenses. This app also helps you in budgeting. So that you can’t face any financial crisis.

The app automatically tracks all your expenses through its expense manager feature. The app reads your SMS and updates the app. You can also check your bank balance and PayTM & Freecharge wallet balance through this app.

Apart from money management, the app also offers instant loans from ₹10,000 to ₹5,00,000 with an interest rate of 16% to 39%. You can also convert your loan into flexible monthly EMI’s. Also, you can get bill reminders & pay bills on time.

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Features of Money view app:-

  • Setup & TrackBudget
  • Track Expenses
  • Check Bank & Wallet Balance
  • Get Loan Upto 5 Lacs
  • Set Bill Reminders
  • Simplistic UI

Paytm Money – Stocks & Mutual Funds Investment App

Paytm Money
Paytm is one of the most popular apps to manage your money. Paytm money is part of Paytm which allows you to invest your money in Mutual Funds, Stocks, Gold and prepares for your retirement with NPS.

The app is very simplistic & easy to invest your money in. It offers live BSE and NSE trackers which provide an excellent stock trading experience. There is zero Brokerage on Delivery Trading with intraday as low as ₹10.

Also, you do digital KYC with a 100% paperless account opening on the Paytm money app. The app allows you to do in-app market research for profitable trade & investments. You can create multiple watchlists & set price alerts and get notifications when a stock or index has hit the price. Along with it, it has a SIP feature, market analysis, brokerage calculator, and other many features.

Features of Paytm money:-

  • Invest in Mutual Funds, Stocks, Gold & NPS
  • Digital KYC & Free Demat Account
  • No brokerage Fee
  • Track Real-Time Market
  • Invest in Retirement Plans


No matter which app you choose to manage your finance. It’s always important to start early investment & track your expenses. Make sure you are always invested in a trusted app. Don’t trap with fake apps which offer very high returns.

Above all apps are free & secure to start your investment. Currently, Cryptocurrency is a buzzword in India. One of the above apps also offers crypto investment. With just Rs.100, you can start investing in the above apps.

I hope this blog will help you to understand personal finance & some best apps to manage your personal finance. Please comment below if you have questions. We would love to answer your queries.

Also, If you found this blog helpful then share it with friends & families.

Thanks for Reading.

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